It’s High Time You Went Truly Green in Your Home

Environmental preservation has become more popular than ever, with every celebrity, public official and that annoying neighbor spreading the word on the importance of environmentalism; it’s becoming difficult not get involved and board the eco train. But going green doesn’t mean you have to give up any of your life’s small pleasures, no. It means you will implement smart changes into your lifestyle that will not only make your day brighter and healthier, but will also help Earth survive these difficult times. Sounds good?

Sooner or later, we will have to RECOGNIZE that the Earth has rights, too, to live without pollution. What mankind must know is that human beings cannot live without Mother Earth, but the planet can live without humans.
~ Evo Morales

Start Saving Water

Have you ever heard stories saying that by 2040, world wars will be fought not over land but over water? These stories are rarely media manipulations or myths – these stories are the real deal. Drinking water supplies are becoming scarcer than ever, with many countries, such as those in the Middle East, Asia and Africa having to resort to importing water and placing a higher value on it than gold or oil.

You can contribute to the fight against wasting water by optimizing your home for water saving. If you think about it, water is a resource that majority of us take for granted. We are spoiled by it, taking long showers, letting the sink run while we wash the dishes and using water-dependent appliances like washing machines, dishwashers and water boilers that not only waste precious water, but also waste energy.

Saving water is simple and efficient. The cheapest way to save water is by placing buckets in the shower or the sink to collect water every time you use them. This way, you can later water your garden or fill up the toilet tank with water that would otherwise be wasted. Remember, every time you use the toilet, you’re flushing it with drinkable water, which is another major problem.

Additionally, you can install systems for water collection and usage regulation along with replacing all of the faucets and showerheads with low-flow ones that will limit the time you spend in the shower, washing dishes and using water in general.

Reduce Waste Production

Household waste production is at an all-time high. As much as 1.3 billion tons of food is being wasted each year, so it’s our responsibility to aid in the preservation of the ecosystem by trying to reduce the amount of wasted food. If you think your family doesn’t waste food, take a closer look at what you’re throwing away at the end of the month or your next grocery haul, and multiply it by twelve. Be sure to sit down beforehand because you will be in shock.

Another good way you can contribute to the war on global food waste is by implementing some small changes into your daily routine that will not only save you time and money, but will also be good for your health.

First of all, plan your daily or weekly meals so that you can make a grocery list consisting only of the things your family absolutely needs. This helps the world because you’re not wasting as much food as you used to, so the costs and resources used for farming and transportation will be lowered. By solely buying the things you need, you also present a good example for your family – more is not always better and they absolutely don’t need that bag of chips when they have a fridge full of healthy food.

Secondly, limiting your choices enables you to focus more on healthy foods, rich with proteins, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals. When presented with fewer options, people usually tend to gravitate towards the necessities, and opt for the healthier choice. This would soon turn into a healthy habit.

Finally, do your best to help the environment by creating a compost pile in your garden, take a minute to learn the town’s recycling schedule and recycle as much as possible. Also, try to implement a zero waste home policy. The environment will thank you.

Go Energy Efficient

Make everyone around you feel embarrassed of how much energy they are wasting. Energy consumption is at an all-time high with the rise of industrialism and overpopulation, and an ever-growing number of people in the world are being deprived of this resource many of us take for granted. When we take energy for granted we tend to waste it. This not only costly for the environment but also deals a heavier blow on your budget every month.

Home appliances are the biggest energy consumers, and even when you’re not using them but leave them plugged in, they are consuming, or rather wasting energy. But there is a solution, as very small changes in your routine can fix these problems. Start by turning off and unplugging the TV, your computer and any other appliance when you’re not using it, including chargers. Make sure you switch off the lights whenever you exit a room, and turn off all the lights when you’re not home.

Additionally, use a programmable thermostat that will automatically regulate the temperature in your home by setting it a couple of degrees lower than usual during the winter and a couple of degrees higher during the summer. It’s a small difference for you, but a big one for the environment. Also, try to rely less on air conditioning during these seasons. Further, instead of using the dryer every time, simply hang your laundry and let it dry naturally.

Finally, if you absolutely need a lot of devices in your home, try investing into smart energy-saving ones or get yourself an energy-saving box that can auto-regulate energy consumption and turn off power for those devices that are not being used. You can also calculate your budget, insulate your house and upgrade the ventilation system. You can learn more about all of these changes on this link, so make sure to check out all the possibilities you have for greening-up your life.

Make Some Green Changes, Literally

Going green is not only about environmentalism, but also about the quality of your life. You should feel relaxed and positive in your home, surrounded by the things that make you smile and feel good about yourself. There are plenty of changes you can implement that will not only bring out the Zen ambiance of the entire house, but are also friendly to the eco-system.

While patios are often covered in tiles or wood, there are other options you can use that will make the area stand out and give it a more natural look – install turf panels. This trick is best used if your property cannot support a garden or a lawn, as it enables you to create one right on your patio. The result is a vibrant natural feel that not only looks more interesting than your neighbor’s patio, but also allows you to create a personal oasis in your home.

Additionally, if you have a balcony or live in an apartment, you might have a hard time growing real grass in a place like that, but if you want a unique look and feel you can absolutely have it by installing balcony turf panels, and turn your otherwise unimpressive view into something magical. Furthermore, this solution is perfect if you want your kids to be surrounded by green surfaces, or if you want to enjoy each morning in a healthy, more natural environment.

As you can tell, going green is not only a worthy cause, but it is also fun and fulfilling. The small changes you make today can have a great impact on the Earth of tomorrow, and it is our duty to leave our kids with a world worth living in.

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