Green Innovations That Are Helping To Save the Planet

Bad human behavior such as damping that causes ocean acidification, deforestation, and the use of chemicals in agriculture has greatly affected the planet negatively over the years. Past innovations such as cars, air conditioners and plastics have also contributed to harming the environment. However, modern innovators are using their knowledge to try to save the planet.

From business offices that have started remodeling in order to be as efficient and green as possible to huge factories who are taking steps for contributing to a greener environment. There are many offices and co-working spaces that have started using eco-friendly supplies and tools and recyclable materials in order to contribute in a positive manner to the safeguarding of our environment.

10 Green Innovations That Are Helping To Save the Planet

1. Watering Drones

Climate change has greatly affected agriculture to the extent of threatening food security around the globe. Thanks to technology, innovators have created watering drones that not only help mitigate the issue of food security but also help in saving water.

Drones are fitted with thermal cameras that help detect irrigation issues in a farm. They are able to tell where there is a leak in irrigation pipes, prompting quick action to save water. In addition, they can detect areas that are dry and require watering. This helps farmers water dry areas only.

To top it all, watering drones can water plants more efficiently since they have a bird’s eye view of exactly what is being watered.

2. Plastic-less Water Bottles

Each year, tons and tons of plastic find its way into the oceans, polluting the environment and threatening sea life. If you participate in beach cleanup exercises, you have a clear picture of the huge bags of plastics that float in our oceans.

This unfortunate trend may end soon following the innovation of plastic-less water bottles. These bottles are made with less plastic; less than half of what is in regular water bottles.  Plastics take hundreds of years to decompose, but these new innovation bottles take only three weeks to completely biodegrade.

These bottles do not pose a threat to sea life, as they do not have negative effects when consumed. In addition, the bottle caps are made of steel which takes just a year to rust and break down completely.

3. Horticulture LED Grow Lights

Climate change has completely thrown agriculture seasons off balance. However, with modern farming using horticulture LED grow lights, food supply throughout the year can be assured. These lights are made to mimic the natural sun and provide crops with all lighting requirements. They are able to stimulate growth, while still keeping the quality and taste of the food consistent throughout the year. In addition, farming using these lights has several benefits to the environment.

Horticulture LED grow lights allow a lot of people to grow their own food indoors. This means that food transported long distances is greatly reduced. This reduces fuel emissions by food trucks.

Less fertilizer and chemicals are used in organic farming. This greatly reduces the number of chemicals polluting the air and waterways.

4. HomeBiogas Appliance

More and more households are adopting the use of HomeBiogas, and it is all for good reasons. For starters, HomeBiogas is clean energy. This means that it doesn’t in any way pollute the environment.

The process of producing biogas has no combustion, thus no harmful emissions are released to the environment. In fact, biogas is made from waste, which reduces foul smells in the air and toxic liquids finding their way into the waterways.

Many people relying on HomeBiogas as their main source of energy reduce reliance on other harmful sources such as coal.

5. Tesla Solar Roof

Talking of producing clean energy, many innovations have been made in a bid to ensure homes are using energy that pollutes the environment. One outstanding innovation in this area is Tesla solar roof. This is a roofing system that has taken solar energy harvesting a notch higher.

Instead of using solar panels, Tesla solar roof has solar cells and modules integrated inside the roof structure. This roof allows you to generate solar energy that can save you a lot of money on electricity in the long run.

The benefit to the environment is that solar energy does not pollute the environment. It also reduces the reliability of electricity that is generated by burning fossils that are harmful to the environment. Therefore, if you are considering a home remodelling, do strongly consider investing in a Tesla solar roof and help take another step towards saving the environment.

6. Eco Six Pack Ring

Breweries are used to holding beers with plastic rings. We all know that these end up in the ocean, killing sea life, or in the landfill polluting the environment.

The Eco Six Pack Ring (E6PR) is a smart replacement of these plastic rings. It is made of wheat and barley residue left after brewing, mixed with other biodegradable materials. This not only reduces waste from the breweries, but provides a solution that has no threat to humans and animals.

In addition, the E6PR takes a few days to completely degrade when disposed of in compost. If left out in the environment, it takes a few weeks.

7. Nebia Shower

We all love taking our time in the shower? However, have you ever asked yourself how much water goes to the drain after every shower? Surprisingly, an average person showering for 8 minutes uses up to 20 gallons of water. You can, therefore, imagine how much a family with several adults wastes every day. If there was a way to reduce that wastage of this nature’s precious commodity, it would go a long way in saving the planet.

Thankfully, the innovation of the Nebia shower system promises to reduce this usage by about 70%. The innovators use the same technology as rocket engines that reduce water streams into tiny droplets. The result is a fraction of the water covering a larger surface area as compared to normal showers. The good thing is that it doesn’t compromise the shower experience.

8. Reusable Cups Made With Coffee Beans

Coffee is the most preferred beverage by most people in modern society. It is actually, what most rely on to get through the day. Now, imagine all those disposable cups finding their way into the landfills.

Thanks to Kaffeeform, a startup based in Berlin, these cups are on their way to extinction. The firm invented reusable cups that are made from coffee beans leftovers. Besides reducing plastic that pollutes the environment, it is reducing waste from coffee shops.

9. Edible Water Bubble

Another brilliant alternative to plastic water bottles is the Ooho! This is an edible bubble that holds 250 milliliters of water. It is made of seaweed extract and is completely degradable in about a month if disposed of.

The advantage of this bubble is that it is cheap to produce. In that regard, it is not only saving the environment but also providing a money-saving alternative while at it.

10. Ocean Cleanup System

As said above, the amount of plastic that ends up in the ocean is enormous. Getting it out manually is a daunting task for everyone involved.

The ocean cleanup technology is an invention that uses the ocean forces to push the garbage together for easier collection. The system involves placing an artificial coastline to act as a central point where the garbage is pushed by the ocean’s currents. There is a floater placed at the surface of the water, to prevent sinking, and a skirt right below it to prevent the trash from escaping.


Climate pollution has brought about adverse effects to the environment. The lives of both people and animals have been threatened. Thankfully, technological innovations like the above-mentioned have provided a glimpse of hope. It is now upon us to embrace these innovations so that we can also play a part in saving the planet.

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