Ten Myths of Global Warming with Facts

Global Warming is becoming the cause of climate change, monsoons, melting of polar, frequent droughts, acid rains and high sea level. No solution has been found yet to fix this environmental problem.

Global Warming myths are interesting, they don’t reduce the facts, but you know, ‘Truth is always stronger than fiction’. Many global warming myths made on the basis of global warming statistics, with a different point of view.

Here are 10 global warming myths v/s facts:

Myth-1: Temperatures are rising swiftly around the globe.

Fact: The observations, that were made by balloon, satellite and mountain top, during the last few decades tell the other story, they disclose that no significant long term change has been observed in the global temperatures. Only mild warming with a ratio of 0.6- 0.8, was observed during the last hundred years.

Myth-2: The carbon dioxide produced by human being and the greenhouse effect have warmed the earth more than before, over the last hundred years.

Fact: Carbon dioxide has no doubt changed because of the industrial revolutions. The growth rate has increased from 0.2 % to 0.4%; nonetheless, there is no evidence that carbon dioxide(CO2) is the major cause of global warming. There is solid proof that temperature moves up & down naturally and through solar radiation.

Myth-3: When the ozone ‘ hole shrinks, global warming gets reduced,

Fact: The reality is totally different; there is no co-relation between global warming and hole of ozone.

Myth-4: Human has survived temperature change and droughts in the long past.

Fact: Though it is true, the old civilizations had survived prolong drought, harsh warmth and bitter cold; the whole civilization had collapsed from climatic shifts.

Myth-5: Greenhouse is the major source of CO2.

Fact: By volume greenhouse gases from 3 percent of the atmosphere. They consist of clouds and water vapor, with the other gases such as, CO2, CH4, N2O and ozone, but carbon dioxide is in large quantity.

Myth -6: In coming time global warming would cause more weather extremes.

Fact: No statistical and scientific proof, support this claim on the global scale. May be some regional variations will occur.

Myth- 7: The poles of earth are warming; sea levels are rising due to polar ice caps melting and breaking.

Fact: As you know the earth is changeable , because of unrelated cyclic event in the Pacific Oceans, the western Arctic might be getting warmer, but Greenland of the Eastern Arctic is getting colder. Ice thickness is increasing in Antarctica.

Myth- 8: Carbon dioxide is pollutant.

Fact: No reality in this statement. Nitrogen forms 80 percent of the atmosphere. We can’t live in 100 percent nitrogen either. Nitrogen is more pollutant than carbon dioxide. It is essential for plant growth and life on the earth.

Myth-9: The United Nation proved the global warming main cause is CO2.

Fact: The reality is, UN report was not complete. Two important statements were missing in it. That means there are other causes.

Myth-10: Winters have been becoming colder; record cold was experienced in North U.S, during 2003 to 2004.

Fact: An independent analysis shows winters getting warmer.

There are facts available for every myth which proves them to be wrong. People should not blindly believe on what they see or hear. The fact should be dealt with.


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