Facts of Global Warming

Global warming is not the new phenomenon. It has been occurring since few decades and rapidly growing. It has already started showing it’s effects with the melting of glaciers, rising sea level and change in weather patterns. Sometimes it’s difficult to detect which is a fact and which is a scientific characteristic.

Here are some of the facts on global warming.

1. Global warming is the result of increase in the greenhouse gases which heat up the earth’s atmosphere : The greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, methane accumulate at the surface of the earth and thus prevent the heat to escape back into the space. The result is that they warm the earth surface more than needed and leads to global warming. The overall temperature of the earth has increased by 0.8 degree Celsius since 1880.

2. Global warming is also responsible for the climate change : Because of the global warming, earth is getting warm and resulting in more evaporation. More evaporation means more rainfall in the areas which receive scanty rainfall and droughts in other areas. As a result, the whole weather patterns is getting unpredictable.

3. Main gases contributing towards global warming are carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide: Man made activities have contributed significantly towards global warming. Pollution from vehicles, industrial waste, burning of fossil fuels have increased in earth’s global temperature. 75% of the electricity which is used worldwide, is produced by burning coal which is the main source of global warming since it produce large amount of greenhouse gases.

4. Global warming is causing new diseases : As the temperature becomes more warm, it is giving rise to new diseases. The bacterias are more effective in warmer temperatures than in colder temperatures.

5. Global warming lead to increase in the earth’s temperature and resulted in melting of glaciers : Glaciers at the polar regions have melted at alarming rate, thanks to global warming which has led to rise in the sea level. Further melting of the ice due to increase in temperature may result in flooding in low level areas.

6. Global warming is affecting the agriculture as crops are getting destroyed : Global warming is playing havoc with agriculture crops with the change in the weather and set of rains. Also, floods and hurricanes affect the crop. The shortage of the food may lead to war and conflicts in some countries.

7. Effect of the global warming can be felt on the seasons too : The trend that has been observed in some countries is that summers are getting longer than winters while overall trend in warmer winters. This has affected animals and made them to change their lifestyle accordingly and who failed to do so have perished.


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