Global Warming Evidence

The global warming problem seems not ending ever. Evidence continues to come that some kind of warming is happening. It may be for a short period or for longer duration. Although a majority of scientists believe that global warming is real, but few harbor doubts. Here are some evidences in the favor of global warming.

Global Warming Proved by Authentic Report

A new report has been prepared by the scientists who believe in global warming. This report was prepared on the base of analysis infrared long wave’s radiation data. That data was collected for 27 years by two different kinds of space missions. This data shows that a real spectral difference has been observed, and it could be attributed to greenhouse gases changes over a long period.

The study shows that when the radiation of the sun hits the surface of earth, it gets re-emitted as an infrared radiations. This radiation then partly gets trapped by greenhouse gases like, carbon dioxide, methane, chlorofluorocarbons, and water vapor.

As space satellites could measure changes that happen in the infrared radiations spectrum, so it allows scientists to detect different changes in the natural greenhouse of the earth and conclude which greenhouse gas concentration has changed, these findings indicating changes in the atmosphere for a long period. A lot of global warming signs are present on our planet.

Temperatures Getting Higher

Temperatures are getting higher than last decades, it has increased 1 degree Fahrenheit’ around the globe. This is evident by the spring ice thaws, which occurs nine days earlier & fall ice freeze starts ten days later . The weather record keeping started in 1800s, 1990s was the hottest decade.

The ACIS report shows that temperatures in western Canada, eastern Russia and Alaska have risen by 4 to 7 degrees Fahrenheit in the last fifty years. The IPCC predicts that temperatures of the world would increase 3 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit by the ending of 21st century.

Glaciers Melting & Raising Sea Levels

The massive ice sheet of the Greenland is melting, so sea levels are rising. Montana Glacier had 150 subs -glaciers in 1910, now they are less than 30. Tropical glaciers have reduced, as Tanzania Mount peak has melted 80 percent since 1912 and will finish by 2020. The IPCC reports that sea levels rise 4 to 8 inches during the last 100 years.

Low-lying Areas Going Underwater

As sea levels are raising the low-lying cities or countries are becoming the victim to these rising water levels. Many Ice -lands have wiped out.

Diseases Are Spreading

The diseases are spreading rapidly. Global warming evidences shows mosquitoes are having a longer breeding season. Hurricanes, floods cause standing water as well as damp areas that are favorable conditions to insect breeding; like, Malaria is a common disease, because of these mosquitoes.

By these facts most of us could see that global warming evidence is quite substantial. We are facing following changes: like prolonged summer, hurricanes, floods, heat wave, increased temperature, melting glaciers etc.

As per evidences it is proved that the global warming is real so we should take preventive measures to control it before it makes drastic changes to our homely land. Individual should also decrease the impact of global warming. Anti-global warming organizations should be made.

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