Environmentally Friendly Denmark [Infographic]

Since I live in Denmark, I am surprised how to deal with food waste. Most supermarkets have very high last hour discounts (up to 80%) and often give free food at the end of the day, so as to avoid waste.

Not only supermarkets are aware of the waste of food, but also schools, since 2013, they spend time teaching their students everything they need to know about food waste. This means that for them it is equally important to learn math and take care of the planet. Thus, the parents of the future have learned from a very early age to not waste the food.

In addition to teaching them the theory of food waste, they take them to farms and factories so they can see where the food comes from and how it is produced. This has not only an educational purpose, but also seems very fun for the student as they interact and learn things.

At the same time, Denmark is far ahead from other countries when it comes to organic food and most of the supermarkets’ products are organic.

Thanks to campaigns based on promoting organic food and food waste, Danes have managed to get rid of “non-organic” products, regardless of the price of new organic products, and this has been addressed by introducing all organic products as ” luxury”. We all love luxury things, and even more when they contribute to our health and the health of our planet.

What makes them even more aware, is their new application called ‘ToGoodToGo’. With this application, restaurants and supermarkets register foods that they will not use so that the users can fill their basket with everything they need for only 20 or 40 kr. As a result, the loss of food is reduced in great results. People who spend less always have good food in the table, for less money.

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Grace Cook – Marketing Manager in Trendhim

Environmentally friendly Denmark infographic
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