15+ Environment-Friendly Packaging Ideas To Go Green This Year

A lot of consumers are becoming more and more environmentally conscious, therefore, seeking sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging options whenever they go shopping or order goods online. The practice entails the use of eco-friendly bags unlike plastic bags and materials that increase carbon footprint and degrade the environment.

Due to the rising customers’ tastes and preferences, increased demands of various products in the market, and government regulations on environmental conservation; it is important for companies and businesses to update their packaging departments. More so, it should be more focused on adopting sustainable and eco-friendly packaging options which are not only touted for their environmental benefits but can also improve brand loyalty and even attract new customers.

If perhaps you have a business or company and consider switching to these 15+ eco-friendly packaging, these ideas will surely be of assistance.

1. Use of Recyclable materials

The materials like cardboard can easily be recycled to form good packaging bags. These sustainable recyclable items are eco-friendly and can also be easily reused. Recycled cardboard can act as packaging items for various products such as cosmetics, medicine, and frozen food.

Bubble wrap is another example of recycled material, made from recycled polythenes, that is environmentally friendly as it does not contain toxic substances that could be potential environmental pollutants.

2. Use of Biodegradable materials

Materials such as cornstarch are biodegradable and they can easily be used to pack different types of foodstuffs because they have got trace impacts on the ecosystem. Biodegradable plastics (bioplastics) can as well be considered as they are 100% degradable and cause no harm to the environment.

3. Use of cushion rolls or cloth covers

Items such as cushion rolls and cloth covers instead of the conventional Styrofoam can be used to wrap products since they are less expensive, durable, and environmentally friendly. Cushion rolls, for instance, have got shock absorption abilities.

4. Optimizing the use of packaging material

The material used in packaging should be optimized in volume and size to precisely fit the item’s packaging ratio. This strategy is an impressive way of reducing wastage and the overall carbon footprint.

5. Using environmentally friendly inking on the packaging material

Not only is the packaging material required to be environmentally friendly but also the writings on the packaging. Eco-friendly inks made out of plant and animal products should be utilized instead of harmful chemicals, especially in cases where texts or images have to be engraved on the packages.

For example, the Soy inks are manufactured out of a renewable source of energy and emit zero volatile compounds. Besides, the printed papers of Soy inks can easily be deinked.

Based on this, the recycling process becomes very easy and ultimately helps in reducing any harmful impacts on the ecosystem.

6. Use of minimalist packaging approach

Storing small materials in a big box adds no value as it is a wastage of material and space. The most appropriate method is to come up with a packaging custom that assists in saving space in the entire supply chaining and distribution process between the warehouse and the point of sale.

This type of packaging idea will not only save on space and material wastage but also help to conserve the environment.

7. Encouraging the reuse of packaging materials

If you own a general store, supermarket, or are in the business of product distribution, you can encourage your customers or clients to reuse their packaging materials by asking them to always bring back the packages used originally.

Cotton bags, cardboard boxes, and strong paper bags, for example, can be reused over and over instead of being thrown away after a single-use. Other examples are reusable containers for groceries or reusable bottles for fresh milk, juice, and water.

8. Change the amount of packaging

One can creatively reduce the amount of packaging and or find unique ways of reducing the size of the product such as incorporating packaging into the product or condensing liquid formulas. This eliminates the need for packaging or may significantly reduce the amount of packaging needed.

9. Paper water bottle

The world’s plastic pollution continues to soar due to the number of years plastic takes to decompose (up to 400 years), and surprisingly, most of the plastic waste comes from single-use plastic water bottles. Therefore, if your business or store needs to shift to environmentally friendly packaging, then paper water bottles offer that solution.

10. Opt for packaging materials manufactured using renewable energy sources

Packaging companies that are environmentally conscious are moving towards the use of renewable energy sources in manufacturing and even transportation processes. By purchasing packing materials from these companies, you will also be protecting the environment.

The 360 paper bottle company is a prime example that has its manufacturing process powered by 100% renewable sources of energy.

11. Use paper tape or self-locking boxes

Paper tapes can be used in place of plastic tapes and make the recycling of paper or carton boxes easy because it can be recycled together with the carton box or paper packaging. In cases where plastic tapes are used, they have to be removed before recycling. Self-locking boxes can also be used to eliminate the need for tape.

12. Personalized and decorated tissue paper

Tissue paper is made from recycled paper and can be decorated and personalized according to the customers’ preference in wrapping the product instead of using plastic.

The use of tissue paper is most important in protecting the product and providing an exciting un-boxing for the customer. The added advantage is that the tissue can be customized to reinforce brand image.

13. Use Kraft paper

For gift packaging, Kraft paper can make beautifully packaged gifts for every purchase made while at the same time portraying the brand image because Kraft paper can be printed on.

Stamps and logos can also be put on the Kraft paper to personalize the packaging. Apart from being lightweight, Kraft papers are also very cost-effective.

They are impressive for wrapping small parcels, gifts, and books and on top of that, eco-friendly because they are made of paper that can be easily recycled or decompose without damaging the environment.

14. Go the traditional basket way

The once widely used method of using woven baskets from wicker and cane or bamboo can be freshly exploited as an environmentally friendly way of packaging. If you own a shop, store, or supermarket, you can go back to the golden years by introducing these baskets and encouraging customers to use them in carrying purchased items.

The materials used in making these baskets are 100% biodegradable and what’s more, they are reusable and very durable. The wicker and cane baskets also come in various sizes and shapes, are attractive, and can be polished or painted with organic paint or ink to give it the desired color.

15. Decorate packaging with paper instead of plastic

Instead of decorating goods and gifts with plastic ribbons, a great eco-friendly alternative is the use of handmade paper and organic paint or ink if a specific color is needed. Dry flowers, leaves, and acorns can also be used to add beauty to gift.

The use of plastic ribbons merely contributes to plastic pollution as some of them are too small to be properly discarded, therefore, finding a way into water systems like streams, ponds, rivers, lakes, and oceans that end up contaminating the water and threatening the survival of marine animals.

16. The use of jute bags

Jute bags can be used in place of plastic bottles and most importantly, they have a myriad of uses and can be reused over and over again. Just like paper bags, though stronger and of better quality, jute bags can be used to package groceries, and wrap shopping from supermarkets as well as other products purchased from stores. Furthermore, jute bags are very long-lasting, biodegradable, stylish, and natural.

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