13 Amazing Health Benefits of Endive For Body and Health

Benefits of Endive include low caloric food that helps with weight loss, abundance of vitamin k, helps regulate blood sugar levels and prevent diabetes, ensures good bowel movements, helps promote a healthy pregnancy, oral issues can be avoided, lessens the severity of insomnia, helps in improving the eyesight, aids in recovery for anorexia, detox your liver with an endive salad, manages your psychological health, and helps in preventing the gallstones.

We all know we live in a health-conscious era, where people often try to live a healthy lifestyle. When discussing health, it is impossible to avoid talking about Endive, the vegetable with many health benefits. Although everyone should be aware of the amazing vegetable, Endive, surprisingly, many don’t!

So, you should be asking, what is Endive, and what health benefits do they possess? Endive is a plant originating from Egypt and Indonesia back in the 16th century. It is well known for its texture and buttery tart-like flavor.

Well, then what exactly are the health benefits of Endive, what makes it so special? I am so glad you asked, we are going to explore 13 amazing health benefits of Endive! So, without further ado, let’s commence with the benefits list for Endive!

13 Amazing Health Benefits of Endive For Body and Health

1. Endive is a Low Caloric Food that Helps with Weight Loss!

Endive is a well-known vegetable with low calories; it is also known to help with weight loss. The reason being that 50g of chopped Endive consists of roughly 8.6 calories, a shockingly low amount!

Above that, the glycemic load of half a cup of Endive is 0. The low or absent glycemic load of Endive is phenomenal for people with high blood glucose levels. Because of all these factors, Endive is undoubtedly one of the best foods for weight loss.

Many even consider it a staple food in their diet that they cannot live without. So why not give Endive a try the next time you come across it? If you get past the bitterness, a world of health awaits!

2. Vitamin K is Found Abundantly in Endive!

Vitamin K is essential for the body to function as it helps with blood coagulation and overall health. Besides being crucial to prevent osteoporosis later in life, vitamin K is also used to prevent cancer. That being said, Endive is a Vitamin K rich vegetable that helps a lot with Vitamin K deficiencies.

With the daily recommended intake of vitamin K being 90mcg, eating 0.08 heads of Endive would suffice. When compared with other vegetables like kale and spinach, Endive surprisingly reigns supreme!

However, do be warned that an increased intake of Vitamin K could make your blood clotting rate volatile. Do not start eating large amounts of vitamin K rich foods like Endive all at once.

3. Endive Helps Regulate Blood Sugar Levels and Prevent Diabetes

There have been multiple studies conducted regarding high fiber foods like the Endive and prevention of diabetes. Endive is definitely a staple when trying to decrease blood sugar levels and cholesterol! Endive has many polyphenols that help keep arteries and blood vessels flexible.

Not only that, but vitamin B9 is also found abundantly in Endive! Vitamin B9 greatly helps in combating high blood pressure.

4. Endive Ensures Good Bowel Movements!

Endive never ceases to amaze everyone; it helps significantly in increasing the frequency and quality of bowel movements. When patients are suffering from constipation, many doctors suggest patients to eat incorporate more Endive in their diets! As we know, Endive is a significant source of fiber, which is essential for the proper passing of stool.

Endive has been proven to be a high fiber food; it helps pass unneeded nutrients from the body. All in all, Endive is an essential part of any healthy diet!

5. Endive Helps Promote A Healthy Pregnancy!

Many pregnant women have talked about how Endive made their pregnancy a lot easier and smoother. Endive is a natural way to get your daily folic acid intake, which is crucial for good pregnancies. But why is it that Endive is so important for pregnancies?

Well, it’s because folic acid or folate is a subcategory of vitamin B, which is abundant in Endive! Folate is absolutely necessary since it helps prevent many different forms of birth defects. So, if you have a little one on the way, get yourself some endive now!

6. Oral Issues Can Be Avoided If Endive is Regularly Ingested!

Undoubtedly, Endive is rich in vitamin A, which is a crucial vitamin that prevents oral cavity issues! Endive can be ingested for the best effect in terms of oral problems. Just boil them or fry them for the best effect.

In fact, many oral professionals suggest patients chew on endives. It is because vitamin A will be released when chewed, helping mend the trauma caused to the teeth.

7. You Should be Using Endive as Skincare!

Apart from Endive being edible, endive aids in proper skincare wonderfully. As you should know by now, Endive possesses many therapeutic properties. So, with that being said, have you ever wondered how Endive would be as skincare?

A great way to incorporate Endive into your skincare routine is to squeeze endive juice. It has been proven to get rid of blemishes and prevent future breakouts! In fact, many skincare enthusiasts keep a vial of endive juice for those rough skin days.

If lathering on endive juice isn’t your thing, you could even try ingesting the juice. Although it may be intensely bitter, it works wonders for your skin.

Another alternative would be to do an endive mask every fortnight! Doing so will help smoothen out your skin and close pores. This method has an occult following online, and many people swear by it!

8. Endive Lessens the Severity of Insomnia

For all the people who have insomnia, Endive could help you with that issue! Endive has been proven over the years to help with insomnia. Endive consists of a majority of fiber with large amounts of vitamin C, a vitamin aiding with sleep!

Endive can be scattered on grilled food as a topping or even made into salads! Who knows, maybe such a small change can let you have a better night’s rest.

9. Eyesight can also Be Improved with Endive!

Endive is among one of the vegetables, like carrots and celery, that help with nourishing the optical system. The most common way to get your daily dose of eyesight improvement is through juices! Most people even swear by Endive and its eye-healing properties!

So why not pick up some endive while you are at the supermarket? Even as little as 2 drinks a day can drastically improve eye troubles.

10. Endive Helps Aid in Recovery for Anorexia

Anorexia and bulimia sufferers can benefit from Endive too! Endive provides proper fiber intake and digestion when recovering from eating disorders.

Those who struggle recovering often find a hard time eating, but worry not, we have got you covered! Just simply drop a few drops of endive juice or extract on your tongue. It may seem insignificant, but it helps develop an appetite and promote eating!

While ingesting Endive when recovering, Endive helps rebuild and recover the damage caused by starvation. It also promotes the secretion of bile and stimulates the appetite!

11. Detox Your Liver with An Endive Salad!

If Endive did not seem impressive enough, it is a detoxification powerhouse! Endive is an excellent stimulant for the body to undergo the detoxification process in the liver! It regulates hormones and balances cholesterol.

Making a salad not only distracts you from the bitterness of the Endive. It also helps add a few more nutritious veggies to your already healthy meal!

Even in a micro-sense, Endive also detoxifies your tongue as you eat it. Endive triggers what is known as a “bitter reflex.” It seems like a way the body kickstarts the body’s digestive tract properly.

12. Endive Helps Manage Your Psychological Health

Antioxidants aren’t rare when talking about endives, as it is present in Endive in a large amount. Among all the nutrients, there are thousands that increase brain cell and tissue strength. An example of this would be potassium and pantothenic acid.

Pantothenic acid is responsible for preventing volatile emotions. Not only that, but it is also well known to prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s in older people. So, what are you waiting for, grab endive from your local grocer’s today!

13. Gallstones Can Be Prevented with Endive Juice!

The gallbladder is the part of the liver that collects bile efficiently. But when gallstones appear, it prevents the gallbladder from doing its job. So how do we prevent or get rid of gallstones?

An excellent remedy for gallstones is, you guessed it, endive juice! Not only that, even the flowers, roots, and seeds of the endive plant help with treating gallbladder disorders. Just a mere 50ml of endive juice is enough to promote the secretion of bile.

Although drinking endive juice isn’t for the faint of heart, taking it like a champ has its benefits. Many have noted that drinking endive juice twice a day has helped them recover from gallstones drastically.


After reading all of this, it is needless to say that you have been informed all about Endive. Endive is a remarkable plant; wonders of amazing health benefits of Endive never cease. From skincare to diabetes prevention, Endive never ceases to amaze me and you!

Hopefully, after reading this article, you would have learned something new and even try Endive for yourself! Whether it be through an endive mask or an endive drink. You will surely see improvements to your overall health and complexion.



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