The Cost of Wasted Food [Infographic]

More food is being produced by the global economy now than has ever been before. With greater profit than at any time in history, you could be forgiven for thinking that feeding the world is no longer an issue. However, you’d be very wrong. In the UK and across the world, we are wasting more food than ever before.

The implications are not just financial. Humans, animals and the planet itself are affected.

  • The UK wastes the equivalent of 1.3 billion meals every year
  • YET, 590,000 people in the UK used food banks in 2016/17
  • £10 billion worth of food thrown away by households each year
  • BUT, 60% of people believe they never waste food

Financial Experts Money Guru have created an infographic that shows some of the shocking statistics on food wastage. It just how much change is needed.

Small changes can be incredibly effective. For example, the UK’s 19 million families currently throw away 24 million slices of bread every day, but if the whole loaf was utilized, the difference would be massive.

Unfortunately, the UK is not alone in having a food wastage problem. Developed countries across the globe contribute to a huge amount of food wastage. It’s a common misconception that the food industry is to blame, with major corporations chastised for their processes. However, research shows that the majority of food waste is attributable to households.

It’s time to think more about what individuals can do to cut down their own food wastage. So many everyday items get thrown away as soon as they pass the “sell by date”, when they could still be used. There are 2000 operating food banks in the UK and 8 million people are struggling to afford daily meals. There is clearly a massive imbalance and one we can all help to change.

The cost of food wastage
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