Commercial Solar Energy Systems

Commercial solar energy systems deploy water heating technology for producing huge amount of energy. Since their invention, these systems have been deployed for usage in numerous sectors with varying functionalities.


Two major sections constitute commercial solar energy systems namely: solar panel and the storage tank of hot water.These panels are quite easy to install and retain the heat absorbed for a significant amount of time. Not to mention, the installation of these panels can offer tax benefits when business and corporations efile their returns for the year. Coming to the storage tank, this is used for storing hot water and is available in almost any desired shape and size. One very famous shape includes a collapsible form that can easily be fitted in to 19′ doorway. Both these sections together constitute what actually is known as a commercial solar energy system.

How Commercial Solar Energy Systems Work

Usually commercial solar energy systems, by their very name, operate on solar energy but during night time when solar energy isn’t available, presence of batteries is a must. A grid system gets installed at your commercial statement that is customizable to complement your surroundings which merges the usage of solar modules, local utility’s grid and a DC-AC power inverter etc. If the setup installed by you is producing more electricity than actually required, you can always sell it and vice versa.

Coming to the concept of grid systems VS battery backup systems, grid systems electric utility grid as the reserve power where as battery backup systems deploy a whole lot of deep cycle batteries for efficient and continuous production of electricity during the night time. Moreover, they also come handy in case the power grid has failed accidentally. Costs incurred in purchasing these batteries depends on the type purchased as well as their storage capabilities and may cause an expense of approximately several hundred dollars. Commercial solar energy systems have almost been a rage since their invention and have managed to maintain their repute till date.

Benefits Of Commercial Energy Systems:

1. Lower operating costs: Installing such systems can significantly aid in lowering down your cost expenses which, in turn reduces the cost in every other area of your business.

2. System dependability: Solar energy systems are truly dependable and hence, require quite lesser maintenance. The system possesses the capability to withstand harsh environments and its panels are also made quite sturdy in order to increase its longevity even further.

3. Increase your business repute: You can promote your company via advertisement of the fact that the operation of your business is achieved truly via commercial solar energy systems. This idea of “going green” allows gaining maximum media attention and is also highly marketable.

4. Impart a cleaner environment: One of the major benefits of solar power systems is the very imagination of your own world. The usage of solar energy significantly decreases the carbon footprints by showing visible reductions in the usage of fossil fuels besides aiding in fighting against global warming too.


Numerous incentives are being offered by both the state as well as federal government to commercial solar energy systems and providers. One such incentive is the federal tax credit that allows a certain percentage of credit towards the purchase of a solar power system.

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