Can You Recycle Soap Pumps?

In many of the things that we do, soap is very important. Many of us have realized this; that is why we keep it handy always. Beyond the soap content that we need, what about the other materials that come with the soap? For instance, where do the soap pumps go after the soap has been exhausted? This has continued to raise environmental concerns and needs urgent attention.

For this reason, this post shall consider some of the implications of soap pumps on the environment. It will not stop there, but also examine whether the soap we use every day impacts our environment.

There’s no doubt that this post will be filled with information. So, why not relax, pay attention and enjoy the full-blown information.

Are Soap Pumps Recyclable?

There’s no doubt that what many people are concerned about when they buy soap is the soap itself and not the container or soap pump that comes with it. If at all attention would be paid to the soap pump, it will be because of its aesthetics, after which the attention is returned to the gentleness of the soap.

Without a doubt, this pricks our conscience about what ends these soap pumps. Can they, for instance, be recycled? Let’s take a look at it together.

Yes, it is possible to recycle soap pumps. The reason this is so is because of the material used in making them. Many of these soap pumps have been made with plastics which is a highly recyclable material. This means that there would be no difficulties in recycling them.

However, there steps to follow to ensure that these soap pumps are recycled.

The steps are mostly what you already know. But for emphasis, let’s go over them.

Step 1: Only gather the soap pumps with the recycling sign on them. This might look confusing, especially since we already said that soap pumps could be recycled. Well, it is possible that the plastic materials used in making a soap pump are not recyclable.

To avoid mixing them up, it is better you only look out for the ones with recycling signs on them. If you are not sure about your soap pump, you can call the manufacturer to find out.

Step 2: As much as possible, try to rinse the soap pump before sending them out for recycling. This will aid the recycling process as the station would just go straight to recycling and not start washing the plastic.

Step 3: Ensure you remove all the non-plastic materials on the soap pump. Though the major part of the soap pump is made of plastic, there are still other materials. Some of these materials include paper, gum, and rubber. As much as possible, try to remove all these materials, as they would only hamper the recycling process if not removed before recycling.

Step 4: Package them and send them for recycling.  This is the last and final step. After ensuring everything in steps one to three, what is left is to get a plastic bag and package your soap pump. You can phone the recycling company to know whether to drive over for a drop-off or if it will arrange a pick up for the plastics.

That’s everything there is to recycling soap pumps. If you follow all these, rest assured that you are saving the environment.

Are Soaps Biodegradable?

You might not flow with this easily because of the understanding that most things that breakdown or biodegrade are things in their solid-state. So how possible would it be for soap to still biodegrade when they are in liquid form? Well, it is possible.

Usually, a soap is considered biodegradable if bacteria can break down the soap to nothing less than ninety percent of water, organic material, and CO2 within 6 months. Where this is not possible, it is not likely that that soap will be considered biodegradable.

Is Soap Bad For The Environment?

The environment is of great concern to many of us, and that is why we are always considering whether the different things we are using affect the environment.

Concerning soap, the spotlight is shining on it. Let’s see if the soap we have been using is bad for the environment.

Though soaps may be bad for the environment in different ways, a different study, however, has shown that it may be possible for soap compounds to break down completely before they begin to have a negative effect on the environment. This study says that, with regards to the environment, human beings have nothing to fear because the millions of soaps used do not have a direct link to harming the environment.

While this research still stands, and we hope it has been encompassing enough to cover all areas, we would advise that we also reduce our soap use. If it is not needed, we shouldn’t use soap and waste them. If there’s a need for soap, we can go for eco-friendlier soap. This would help us to save the environment.

11 Amazing Ways To Reuse Soap Pumps

Though you must have exhausted the soap, there are still many things you can do with the soap pumps. This is not something known to many people, so consider yourself lucky to be one of the first people to stumble on this.

In the paragraphs below, we will be walking you through the 11 amazing things you can do with your soap pumps. This information is free, the only thing you need to pay is your attention. So, if you are ready, let’s go;

1. Make A Flower Vase

If you have been giving some thought to bringing yourself to spend that money for a mini flower vase, this might just be the time to take a break. With your soap pumps, you can make yourself a flower vase. All you have to do is remove the pump and slightly cut out the cover.

After this, you should thoroughly wash your soap pump because it might contain chemicals that can harm the flowers. After washing, you can give it a facelift by painting the exterior only. With this, what is left is for you to put in some flowers, and you have yourself a new flower vase.

2. Use It To Store Condiments

You can also use your soap pumps to store condiments for home use. However, you must ensure that you have thoroughly washed, rinsed, and dried the soap pump before putting your condiments in it. This new condiment store made from soap pumps will be useful during your short travel.

3. Make A Hand Lotion Container

There’s pretty much nothing extraordinary about this. All you have to do is follow the operational logic of the soap pump. By this, you are only supposed to open the soap pumps, wash thoroughly, rinse, dry, and pour your hand lotion in it.

Remember that it has been pumping out soap, so it will pump out your hand lotion with ease. However, during the washing process, you want to be more careful about not damaging the pump or any part of it.

4. Make A Home Décor

You can decide to explore and make yourself a home décor from your old soap pump. What you need to do is simple and straightforward. Most soap pumps already have the shapes, so all you need is some paint to add some bright colors to it. With this, you are sure to have yourself a new home décor that can be strategically placed in your home for beautification.

5. Make A Nail Polish Remover

Many people face the problem of having their nail polish remover spill all over the place because there are no containers to hold the nail polish remover very well. Well, with your soap pump, you can solve the problem.

All you have to do is pour the nail polish inside the soap pump. With this, you only have to press the nozzle for the nail polish remover you need. Make sure you have thoroughly washed the soap pump before putting the nail polish remover in it.

6. Utensils Storage

You can also use your soap pump to make yourself utensil storage.  You have to cut open the top of the soap pump and put your small utensils in them. This would help you gather those tiny utensils that would have rather been misplaced.

7. Make Storage For Liquid Glue

If you are the type that often uses glue, you will know the problem associated with glue. More than often, they dry off because the containers they were put was not properly closed. However, with a soap pump, you can eradicate this situation.

What you have to do is clean the soap pump and quickly pour the liquid glue into it. The next time you need some glue on a surface, what you have to do is press the nozzle, and you will get the glue you want.

8. Make Detergent Container

Laundry is already hard work, so why will you want to burden yourself with those large detergent dispensers when you can make a mini one? With your soap pump, all you need to do is pour the liquid detergent into the soap pump, and that’s it. You can do you launder just with the detergent that would be enough for you. And what’s more? There’s no burden of worrying about those large laundry soap jars.

9. Make A Mouthwash Container For Traveling

When you are traveling, carrying along the whole mouth wash may be an extra burden, but if you have one of those small-sized soap pumps, then your problem is solved. You can always put some mouthwash in it and take it along when traveling.

10. Make A Secret Container

You can make yourself a secret container to keep the things you don’t want people to find. This might be your letters or other secret things. What you have to do is wash the soap pump, open it and keep your things. You can then place it back among the other soap pump in your bathroom. The thing is that no one will ever suspect that you kept something there.

11. Make A Secret Safe For Money

This is also another option you can explore. If you want to start saving some money, you can convert your soap pump into a kind of piggy safe. All you have to do is cut open some small hole through which your money can enter. Before you begin saving, you might want to wash the soap pump to get rid of the extra soap.


Soap, as well as a soap pump, is important for our everyday hygiene. However, we must not stand by and watch these things affect our environment. This is why it is better to ensure that they are handled in an eco-friendly way.


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