Can You Recycle Shaving Cream Cans? (And How to Dispose of)

As humans, we all have hair in different parts of our body. While many people prefer this and would do anything to keep hair in specific places of their body, others don’t.

Those who don’t want hair on their body make different attempts to get rid of the hair. Part of the attempt they make is constant shaving of the hair.

However, shaving can sometimes cause pain emanating from an accidental cut of the skin with the shaving cream. To reduce the risk of this cut and allow the shaving cream to glide through the skin smoothly, shaving cream is used.

Shaving cream helps make shaving of hair an easy and risk-free task. This makes it a preferable thing among many people.

Though the shaving cream itself may not affect the environment, one thing we know is that they come in packages. It is these packages in the form of cans that raise an environmental concern.

The frequent use of shaving cans amplifies the thought of what happens to these cans after their content is exhausted? Can you recycle shaving cream cans? Due to this concern, we decided to look at the implication of the constant use of these shaving cream cans. We also shared information about some salient concerns like whether or not you can recycle, how to recycle, and how to dispose of these shaving cream cans.

Let’s take a look at these things in detail.

Are Shaving Cream Cans Recyclable?

Shaving cream cans are one of the best things we can ever have. But this is only true when there are still contents in the cans. Immediately we exhaust the content; we seem to shift attention to other things.

What happens to these cans after these is a matter of chance. For many people, they have advocated that these cans be recycled. But then, this raises the question of whether we can recycle them or not.

If you are also not settled about this state of things, relax, you will in a moment.

The answer to whether you can recycle shaving cream cans is a Yes.

Shaving cream cans are often aluminum material or steel material. These two materials are highly recyclable materials among recycling stations.

So, it seems that you have no problem with recycling your shaving cream can. The problem that you might have is finding the local station to recycle it.

This kind of recycling is recently gaining ground. This means not all recycling stations currently accept it.

This is regardless of the fact that it is highly recyclable. Therefore, the implication of this is for you to always do due diligence before dropping your shaving cream cans in the recycling bin.

By this, we mean try to confirm that your local recycling station accepts the shaving cream cans. If it does, then no problem. If it does not, you might have to drop it off at the local metal scrap center. Or possibly transfer it to another station where they accept shaving cream cans for recycling.

How To Recycle Shaving Cream Cans?

You have seen above that shaving cream cans can be recycled. But that doesn’t explain the whole puzzle. There is more than meet the eye.

One of the things you have to know further is how to recycle the shaving cream cans. For all that matters, shaving cream cans need to be properly recycled so that the content won’t contaminate the other recycling materials.

This means you should always ensure that you have exhausted the content before putting it in your recycling bin.

But then, how do you do this?

For many, what seems like exhaustion of the content of their shaving cream can is not exhaustion. You may think that you have finished the content, but after a while, you just find out that there is still a little thing to spray when you allow the can to settle.

The way you get rid of this is to press down the nozzle of your spray for about forty seconds. This should remove the excess shaving cream in it.

If you are not sure everything is gone, you can leave the can for some hours and return to it. Press down the nozzle again. This time if there is any more thing, it will move out.

Once you are certain that there is no more content in the can, you can place it in the recycling bin. You must become certain of this state of things. If not, you might just be causing problems for the recycling station, as the content may contaminate other recyclables.

Are Shaving Cream Cans Bad For The Environment?

Getting to know if shaving cream cans are bad for the environment is a very important thing. The knowledge of this would influence the way everyone makes use of it. It will also allow us to look for alternative and more eco-friendly means if we end up knowing it is bad.

So, let’s get to the bottom of it. Are shaving cream cans bad for the environment?

The answer to this is in two ways. While some may answer, in the affirmative; others would disagree. The reason for his depends on the things that have been considered to reach such a verdict.

While this is confusing on its own, we do not intend to aggravate that. So, we would be looking at each answer’s reasons and then let you know what our stance is.

First, let us consider why some say it is not bad for the environment. Shaving cream cans are not bad for the environment because many are made of steel or aluminum, which are easily recyclable materials. The argument is that if everyone does what they are supposed to do, there should be no worry for the environment. By implication, there would be no case of examining if shaving cream is bad for the environment.

On the other hand, however, there seems to be a highly contradictory point. And one of the strongest points is that millions of shaving cream cans end up in the landfill yearly. Even though they are recyclable, there is little being done to ensure that they are recycled.

Aside from this, there is an argument about the biodegradability of the shaving cream cans. This argument recognizes that shaving cream cans will eventually biodegrade but draws attention to the years it takes. Generally, shaving cream cans are not like papers and would take over two decades before breaking down.

Even when they break down, they are reduced into iron particles, which remain in the soil for many years. And since these particles are not plants, there is no way they are adding to the soil’s nutrients. Rather, they are reducing it and endangering the growth of plants and animals.

To be honest, this latter part makes a compelling point about why shaving cream cans are bad for the environment. And for the sake of sticking to where the balance weighs more, we would adopt this second position.

Until there are more sustainable ways to produce shaving cream cans, let us take the facts as they are. These cans are causing more harm than good to the environment. Hence, they remain bad for the environment.

How Do You Dispose of Empty Shaving Cream?

Having empty shaving cream signifies one thing. It tells us that you take your hygiene seriously. It’s hardly true for a person who’s not concerned with their hygiene to have empty shaving creams. So, for the better part of it, we say you are doing the right thing.

But then, you may be taking care of your hygiene. But what about the environmental impact? It is possible that you are just using the shaving cream but not properly disposing of it. This can cause much harm to the environment.

If this is the case for you, you have to learn how to dispose of your shaving cream cans. Below, we give you insights into how best to do this.

1. Recycle Them

Before you shrug your head, let’s make it clear that we are a fan of recycling everything possible. So, for every opportunity that we get, we would constantly push for recycling.

Now to empty shaving cream. You can always send your empty shaving cream for recycling in your local recycling station. You may not go directly, but you can always drop the empty shaving cream package in the recycling bin.

What you have to do is gather all your empty shaving cream package. Put them in a paper or plastic bag. You might want to label them as such so the recycler can know what they are dealing with. After this, you can then toss the plastic or paper bag containing the empty shaving cream in the recycling bin.

Doing this would make the whole process tidier and help the recyclers during the process of recycling. This way, you are not just disposing of your empty shaving cream package; you are also helping the environment.

2. Donate Them

If you don’t already know, it is not only food items or money you can donate. Even things that seem useless can still qualify as donation items. The only difference, however, is that you are not donating to a charity house this time.

Instead of a charity foundation, you give the empty shaving cream cans to the local metal scrap center. Since they deal with metals materials a lot at this center, they would know how to best handle the empty shaving cream can.

This is another form of recycling because the empty shaving cream cans don’t go to waste. They are mixed with other metals to repurpose them into other things.

3. Trash Them

This may seem like the worst desired way. And to be honest, we also do not entirely adopt this method. But then, it is one of the ways you can dispose of your empty shaving cream cans.

One thing that makes it an option is the materials of the empty shaving cream. The empty shaving cream is either iron or aluminum material. This means that they biodegrade considerably easier, unlike plastic and glass that take forever to degrade.

Though they may take a while, these empty cream cans would finally biodegrade. This qualifies it for our last option. This means if after you have tried the other two ways above and you seem not to be getting headway, you can try this method.


Shaving is one of the best things you can do for yourself. And to get it easy, you will need to make use of shaving cream. The aftermath of these shaving cream packages is what we have considered above. As you have seen, you can recycle them, and you can dispose of them. The most important thing is doing these things right.

Once you are going through all that we have explained above, there is no problem for the environment.

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