Can You Recycle Pots And Pans? (And 5 Ways to Dispose)

In every American home, hardly would you find a home without more than one pots and pans. While we can always make a case for why we need pots and pans in our homes, it might not be easy to do the same for their environmental impacts.

Without a doubt, there is always an environmental angle to everything in constant use. For pots and pans, we have decided to consider the environmental angle to it. And, in this light, we are considering whether your pots and pans are recyclable or if you can put them in your recycling bin.

We would also consider if your old pots and pans are worth anything, and finally, how to dispose of your old pots and pans.

As you might have observed, there is a lot to gain from this post. So, sit back and follow intensely.

Are Pots And Pans Recyclable?

Are your pots and pans recyclable? This may not sound like the regular question you would expect to be asked, but this doesn’t make it irrelevant. Now that more and more people are wrapping their minds around consistently using pots and pans, the question becomes more important. So, let’s get to it. What’s the true position?

Yes, your pots and pans are recyclable. This answer may give you what you need to know but doesn’t give you the reason behind it. So, let’s take another leap to discover why this is so.

Have you ever taken a close look at your pans and pots? What you would have noticed is that they are made from metal materials. If they are not, they are made from steel, aluminum, and copper. The reason for this is not far-fetched; it is to allow them to withstand the heat they are constantly subjected to. And this is what makes them recyclable.

Pot and pans are recyclable, but not all recycling companies accept them for this purpose. The reason is that the recycling of metals or their related materials used for pans and pots are only recently beginning to gain ground among recyclers. And not all recycling stations have what it takes to recycle pans and pots. So, it narrows down to the point of the capacity for each recycling company. And whether it has a metal collection policy for your pots and pans.

This aside, other things may also prevent your pots and pans from being recycled. Often, the pots and pans being made now contain more than one material. And some have even been coated with Teflon materials to make them non-stick.

The implication of this is that for them to be capable of recycling, the different kinds of materials need to be separated first. This requires a different level of skills or technical operations in the recycling stations and takes more time than required.

Many recycling stations are not ready to devote most of their time and technical skills to recycling pots and pans alone. So, they go for the easier choice, which is excluding them from potential recyclable materials.

In all, it appears that you can always recycle your old pots and pans only if your local recycling station is prepared to do what it takes.

Can You Put Old Pots And Pans In The Recycle Bin?

Putting your old pots and pans in the recycling bin may look like the easiest thing to do, but to what end will this come to? If you put them in your recycling bin, will your recycling station recycle them?

The answer to the question above would mostly stem from the situations of things in each locality. As you have seen above, not all recycling stations are willing to take up your pots and pans for recycling.

It follows then that you can only put old pots and pans in the recycling bin if you have confirmed your local recycling station’s willingness to accept them. Anything other than this may only waste your time and the time of the recycling station.

Confirming that your local recycling station accepts your pans and pots for recycling is not the end. You also have to confirm their recycling policy for pans and pots. While some have a pick-up or collection policy for pots and pans, others would require that you drop them off at their station.

If your recycling station has a pick-up policy, you don’t have to worry. You can always drop your old pans and pots in the appropriate recycling bin. If otherwise, we won’t encourage you to drop them in the recycling bin.

Lastly, if you will be putting your pans and pots in the recycling bin, you should have a different bin for them. This is to help the recyclers identify that the bin contains strong metal materials. If you put them in your normal recycling bin with soft recyclables like papers, it may require another effort in the recycling station to separate them. This will only amount to a waste of time.

So, to ease up the process, you have to do three things. One, confirm if your local recycling station accepts pots and pans. Two, confirm their recycling policy for pots and pans. And three put your old pot and pans in a different recycling bin.

Are Old Pots And Pans Worth Anything?

Getting value for your old things should not be something new to you. Since time immemorial, humans have exchanged old things for money or other valuable things. The thing, however, is that not you can not easily exchange all things for value. This is why we are forced to answer whether your old pans and pots are worth anything.

Knowing the true position will help you decide whether to keep your pots and pans for their worth or dispose of them. So, let’s get to the real deal. Are your pots and pans worth anything?

Yes, they are worth something. They could worth some money depending on the kind of material they are made with. If you have a cast-iron pot or pan, you will probably find a collector who’s willing to pay for them. Most times, the payment is from $10 upwards. The more valuable the material is, the higher the price will be.

Alternatively, you can decide to sell your old pots and pans. This way, you are directly making money from those who need them but can’t afford to buy new ones. There are many online platforms where you can advertise your old pans and pots. You can check out eBay, Facebook, and others to sell them. The price for each of your pots and pan will depend on how useful they can be. If they are still in great condition and relatively new, you can sell them for high prices.

5 Surprising Ways to Dispose of Old Pots And Pans

Having pots and pans that you are no longer in need of is not like other things you are eager to throw away. The reason is that you have spent a considerable amount of time purchasing them, and you are probably emotionally attached to them.

Aside from this, the environment’s concern is another reason you should take care of where and how you dispose of your old pots and pans. In this segment, we will walk you through how to dispose of your old pots and pans.

1. Give Them To Your Local Scrap Metal Station

No doubt, your old pots, and pans are mostly metal or related materials. Without a doubt, this means they are still useful. Due to this, you should ensure you send them to places that can find good use of them. In this light, a good way to dispose of them will be to send them out to the metal scrap station. Here, the officers collect your pots and pans and make them into something else that would be useful for them.

However, before you go give them out, it is better to find out what the station’s policy is on the collection of pots and pans. Doing this will help them know the kinds of pans and pots they require.

2. Gift To Loved Ones

There is hardly anything that makes one happier than getting something one needs from a loved one at the right time. You can always find out from your friends and families if they need pots and pans. If they do, you can gift them. This act will dispose of your old pans and pots and show love to those you care about.

However, if you will be gifting your old pots and pans to your loved ones, you should ensure that they are still usable. Remember that the purpose of giving them out is so your loved ones can have good use of the pots and not just to dispose of them. It won’t be okay if you send worn-out items because you want to dispose of the pots and pans.

3. Give To Charity

Giving to charity is something that many of us always want to do. But the mistake we constantly make is thinking we need to have everything before we give. This is not true. From the little we have; we can always give. And one thing to give out is pans and pots. Charity houses have use of many of these things and would be grateful to you for reaching out.

Nonetheless, like you did when gifting your loved ones, you have to ensure that the pots and pans are in the right conditions. This is important as charity homes would be in great need of your old pots and pans. If they aren’t using them, they can sell them and earn some money for other projects.

4. Assign Them For Camping

Going camping can be fun until making the meal. The problem is not that cooking is difficult but that you can’t use your normal kitchen cookware during camps because of the charcoal that will get on them. The best way to avoid this is to use your old pots and pans during camping. With this, you have little to worry about.

5. Decorate With Them

In today’s world, you can decorate with anything. As long as you can apply some creativity, you are good to go. With your pots and pans, you can decorate your kitchen wall and other places in your home. What you have to do is stylishly paint the pots and pans or wrap them with beautiful decoration wrapping and suspend them on the wall. Your frying pans would make a great fit.


Having old pans and pots shouldn’t be something that would keep you worrying. There are as many things to do with them as you can think of. We have provided some of those things above, and we advise you to follow them. In all you do, always ensure that you are environmentally conscious.

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