Can You Recycle a Microwave?

A microwave is now an essential household item because, frankly, it makes everything easier. Beyond heating your food, there are various things you can do with a microwave. We bet you didn’t even know about some of these things until now.

Did you know that beyond heating your food, you could also cook and bake with a microwave? Some microwaves even perform grilling, roasting and blanching functions. It seems like a lot, right?

Now, what do you do with your microwave when it’s irreparably bad, and you have to get rid of it? A microwave doesn’t seem like the sort of thing you toss in the bin with the rest of your waste items. For one, it’s pretty heavy and would take up a lot of space.

It’s also made of metal, so leaving it to decompose is not an option. Incinerating is a big no-no too, because it can explode and harm you. So how do you properly and safely get rid of a microwave? We have got you covered, so relax and read up about the multiple ways you can get rid of your microwave.

Are Microwaves Recyclable?

Did you know that in some counties, tossing your microwave in the trash is a felony? You could be fined for something you think is as minute as disposing of your microwave the wrong way. This policy is peculiar to some countries, and yours might not be one of them.

However, you would still need a safe way to dispose of your microwave. And a legal and generally acceptable, and even applaudable way is to recycle it. Now, microwaves fall under a category known as e-waste, and the method of recycling is slightly different from the typical method we all know.

For one, some companies take on recycling e-waste materials like microwaves. So, you could look up the closest one to you and take your microwave to them or have them pick it up. Then, you could send them an email asking them to come to pick up what you are looking to dispose of.

Another method is by consulting with the recycling and sanitation services in your area. The workers at the recycling center in your locality would let you know if they accept microwaves or not. Some communities go as far as picking specific days for the pickup of recycling materials like microwaves, so you can try to look into that too.

If there is no service like that in your locality, you can choose to send the bad microwave back to the manufacturers. Some manufacturers offer take-back services and use valuable parts to make new products.

You can recycle your microwave. There are systems to make this possible and easy for us, as an encouragement to join the fight to save our environment.

Can You Recycle a Broken Microwave?

Recycling a broken microwave is very much possible. One of the most recycled types of e-waste is broken microwaves. Most people don’t bother to fix their microwaves when they break, so systems have been put in place to dispose of them properly.

One of these is to recycle them. Some microwave manufacturers offer trade-in services for microwaves. Here, you send in your old or broken microwave in exchange for a new one. You would, of course, be adding a substantial amount of money to support the purchase of a new one.

Going by this method kills two birds with one stone. You get a new microwave at a lower price, and your brand manufacturers gain access to more materials to use for new products. The endgame is also achieved, and that is the reduction of harmful materials in the environment!

You may also take it to the recycling center in your area. However, many recycling centers do not take on e-waste like microwaves because they are slightly more complex to handle. The centers that have special techniques for recycling and would be happy to take on yours.

If your recycling center doesn’t accept broken microwaves, you can email some recycling firms that do. These firms are growing more and more common, and finding one close to you would not be so difficult.

However, if there is no one close to you, you can request that the closest one make arrangements to pick up your broken microwave either free or charges or at a meager fee.

Can You Throw Away a Microwave in the Trash?

Throwing your microwave right into the trash seems like a stress-free method of disposing of it. Sometimes, when we think about the stress of recycling our waste, we come close to making a mental decision not to. If you are one of those who go through this mental battle and end up deciding to do the right thing, then we applaud you.

Asides from the deliberate decision not to throw your bad microwave in the trash can, some jurisdictions have made throwing your broken or spoilt microwave in the trash illegal. If you get caught, you would likely pay a fine or get sentenced to community service. Yes, that is how dire the situation could get.

Some jurisdictions have no defined penalty for throwing your microwave in the trash. However, this doesn’t make it right. Throwing your microwave in the trash is wrong because when it is dumped at the landfill, it won’t decompose properly. Asides from decomposition, there are some of the components of the microwave that are harmful to the environment.

So we urge you to look towards using one of the safe and proper methods of disposing of a spoilt microwave.

Can I Put a Toaster in the Recycling Bin?

Fresh toast is one of the major go-to meals for everyone. Toast and hot coffee is a great way to start your day. It feels you and leaves you feeling refreshed and excited all day!

It’s safe to say that the average household has a toaster as one of their essential appliances, and most toasters these days are built to last. If you have a toaster that you have been using for years, you are not the only one. It is one of the appliances that is guaranteed to last a very long time.

However, it is an appliance. Appliances are designed to last a very long time, but they are still prone to damages. Also, when they have used up their shelf lives, you would eventually have to let go of them.

How do you dispose of your spoilt toaster? An excellent idea is to recycle it. Toasters are very much welcome by companies that recycle electrical appliances. They are not like your regular home waste products, and they require a special method of recycling.

So you can’t just walk down to your local recycling center to recycle your toaster. Instead, you would have to visit a recycling company near you to find out if they can recycle your toaster. Most of them should be able to; after all, that’s why they exist.

If you don’t have a company that deals with recycling e-waste products in your immediate locality, then you can hop on your computer and search away! You would find a few in your county, and you can choose to hand-deliver it to them or email them to find out if they can come to pick it up from you.

How Do You Dispose of Your Microwave?

Every appliance needs an upgrade eventually. There are so many innovations these days, and the best part is, more is yet to come. So it is perfectly relatable and understandable that you would want to upgrade your microwave. So what do you do with the old one?

Beyond upgrading your microwave, has your microwave broken or probably exploded? You were extra careful with it, but it still managed to get damaged by one thing or the other, like all electrical appliances. It’s okay, don’t feel bad. There are remedies for this, and we are happy to teach you some of them. Enjoy!

1. Donate It!

Donating is always the go-to option when you want to get rid of something you don’t need anymore. However, it has to be in a favorable working condition, so this does not apply to a broken microwave. Giving out your old microwave would serve two purposes- it helps you get rid of what you don’t need anymore, and it makes it happy in the process.

Now, another question that you could ask is “to who?”. Finding the perfect person to give your old microwave to can be a bit hard, as you may not know who in particular needs it and who doesn’t. You also don’t want to insult someone you know by handing them a used microwave.

The most suitable people to give are students who are going off to college. It takes something off their list of college needs, and they would be grateful to you. You can also donate it to the nearest homeless shelter. It would come in handy!

2. Thrift It!

Again, this is an excellent idea reserved for you if your microwave isn’t broken or spoilt. You can thrift it. It’s a great way to get rid of something you don’t need anymore while getting paid for it. It’s just like you are getting paid to declutter your house, fantastic right?

You can never go wrong with deciding to thrift your unwanted items. Just go down to the nearest thrift store, or find one online, and exchange your microwave for some money!

3. Trade It In

Trading in can come in handy when you are upgrading your microwave. Be sure to ask at your local appliance store if the brand you are looking to buy allows trade-ins. Trading in your old microwave is a service that both lets you recycle your waste and also get a new one at a relatively cheaper fee.

The old one goes to your manufacturers, and they can use the essential parts to produce new products. However, not all brand manufacturers offer this service. So ensure you ask before you buy your next microwave.

4. Repair Shops

Finally! An incredible idea for a broken microwave. If you have a broken microwave you are looking to get rid of, you can take it to the nearest appliance repair shop. You can find shops like these everywhere, so finding one in your locality shouldn’t be hard.

They would buy your broken microwave from you and use the spare parts to fix other microwaves. Since they are experts, they may also know how to fix it and decide to resell it when it’s done.


No matter how careful you are with appliances such as your microwave and toaster, you would still eventually have to upgrade them or get rid of them. How you dispose of them matters a lot, as it could be bringing about positive or negative change to the environment.

We hope you have been able to learn a thing or two about safely and adequately getting rid of appliances like these. These methods are pretty straightforward, and some of them are financially beneficial too!

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