Can You Recycle a Mattress? (And Ways to Dispose of)

How do you complete furnishing your home without a mattress? The comfort that a mattress gives to everyone is beyond estimation. No matter how rugged you are, sleeping on the couch or anywhere else is different from sleeping on the mattress.

The joy that greets you each morning is partly due to your sleep on the mattress. For each home you visit, you are most likely going to find more than three mattresses. In some, the number is higher. This shows that mattresses are terrific household materials.

The problem, however, is that these mattresses don’t last forever. It will get to a point where you will have to change them due to different reasons. The reason for this might be due to their sizes. Probably, you or your kids have outgrown the current mattresses, and you need to replace them. Sometimes, it might even be that the mattresses are old and worn out.

Whatever may be your reason for changing them, there is an unanswered question of what happens to these mattresses? Where do they end up?  Is there a thing you can do with them? Are they even recyclable? These and many more questions are what these post answer.

Relax, you are about to come across important information about your fantastic mattress. Follow us closely.

Are Mattresses Recyclable?

For anyone concerned about the environment, this seems to be the first question to ask. If you consider the number of mattresses in American homes, you would understand that this is a more pressing question.

Now, let’s answer the big question. Yes, mattresses are recyclable. The problem, however, is that not many people know about this. Up till now, many mattresses’ final destination is the landfill instead of the recycling machine.

Experts say that more than eighty percent of the materials in mattresses are recyclable. So, there seems to be no reason why the mattresses should end up in the landfill.

For instance, steel in mattresses is one of the easiest items to recycle. Also, the synthetic and natural fibers are as easy to recycle as anything you can think of.  The polyurethane foam in the mattresses is also an easily recyclable material.

If you ask us, we would say it makes no sense to put easily recyclable materials like this in the waste bin.

If you have not been recycling your old mattresses, then you should begin today. They are quite easy to recycle. All you have to do is put a call through to your local recycling.

Can You Recycle The Mattress For Cash?

Everyone loves to make extra cash off everything they have. And to be honest, it is quite cool if you know what to make money from.

Regarding mattresses, many people want to know if you can recycle them and still get some money. The thing about recycling your mattress for cash is that it is not a common thing. You may not even find this anywhere around where you stay.

Many recycling centers don’t offer money for you to recycle your mattresses. If you want to recycle your mattresses, you have to inform them, and they come to pick the mattresses up. Asides from that, there are no obligations for you to get cash off the recycling.

However, other means exist by which you can get cash from your mattresses. If you want to make money off your mattresses, then you must keep them useable. This means that your mattresses must still be in the right shape. Though it might be old, it should still be able to serve other users.

If your mattresses are worn out, it might be better you just call up the recycling center. But, where it is still useable, you can put it up on any online platforms and sell. This way, you would be able to make some money for yourself and still get rid of the mattresses.

Can You Throw a Mattress in The Garbage?

After buying a new thing, we tend to belittle the former version of the new product we buy. The next thing that often comes to our mind is to dispose of the old material. While this may sound like the easiest thing to do, you have to think again.

With mattresses, however, this should not be the case. If you think you can throw your mattresses in the garbage, then you are mistaken.

First of all, mattresses have no business in the garbage. If you consider the potentials of recycling your mattresses, you will not want to trash your mattresses.

Recycling experts around the country have stated that mattresses have nothing to do with the garbage. Their position is because up to ninety percent of mattresses can go for recycling.

Hence, we should divert our energy towards ensuring we get the mattresses into recycling centers instead of putting them in the garbage.

But how do you this? Let’s walk you through in a minute.

Now, the thing is that you have bought new mattresses and the old ones look useless. Well, you are not the only one that feels this way. Many of us don’t feel the need to keep old items around again.

When it comes to mattresses, you have to take them step by step. These are what you should do.

1. Call Your Local Recycling Company: The first thing to do is place a call to your local recycling center. You would have to explain to them that you have some mattresses that you would love to give out for recycling.

This call is important. The reason is that your mattresses would not fit into your recycling bin. And since you probably have more than one mattress, putting everything outside for the collectors may constitute a nuisance.

During your call, you should agree on the possible pickup dates. If your negotiation skill is topnotch, you may even get them to pay you.

In all, ensure that your agreement with recycling is clear. Make sure you have the right date for pick up of the mattresses picked.

2. Tidy Up Your Mattresses: You don’t just call your recycling companies and go to sleep; you have to follow that call up with some actions. One of the things you have to do is begin to tidy up your mattresses. If you have abandoned the mattresses for some time, you should begin to sort them out. You may not wash them but ensure that they are clean enough for anyone to carry them.

This way, you are ensuring that you get the best of your mattresses. Even if you want to sell them, the recycling company would be more eager to pay for a clean mattress.

3. Move The mattresses Out: On the agreed day for pick up, you can make it easier by moving the mattresses out. Try to put the mattresses where it would be easier to carry. When the pickup agents come, they shouldn’t have easy access to the mattresses.

These are the basic things you have to do. Always remember that the idea of putting your mattresses in the garbage is not the best of all.

Do Charity Shops Take Old Mattresses?

The good thing about mattresses is that you don’t always have to give them out for recycling. There are other things you can do with them. One of those things you can is to consider donating them.

But the problem is that you are not sure if charity shops would take your old mattresses. Well, hang in here; we will answer that now.

The answer is yes. Charity shops often accept old mattresses. There are, however, some things you have to note.

One of them is the state of the old mattresses you want to donate. In all honesty, it is only proper to donate what is still in the right condition. Since it’s a donation, always ensure that your item will be useful for others.

In this light, if you have a bad and unpresentable mattress, you should not consider donating it. Besides, charity shops would not receive your old mattresses if they are not in the right conditions.

So, that’s the rule. If you want charity shops to accept your old mattress, you have to keep them in good condition. Otherwise, you can just find something else to do with them. If your old mattresses are in a bad state, try to give them up for recycling.

3 Genius Ways To Dispose of Old Mattresses

Like every other thing, old mattresses may have no significant use in the home. Keeping them around would only occupy space and may create a nuisance.

What to do in this situation is to find ways to dispose of them. If you don’t know how to do this, you are in the right place. Follow through to see how.

1. Give Them Up For Recycling

In this 21st century, there is almost not anything you cannot give up for recycling. Recycling has become state-wide that you don’t have to keep searching for the recycling center in the next state.

If you have mattresses and you want to dispose of them, you should give the mattresses up for recycling. Recycling your old mattresses is a great way to help the environment.

The good thing about mattresses is that almost all the parts of the mattresses are recyclable materials. So, you don’t have to worry about the possibility of recycling them.

All you have to do is put a call to your local recycling center for possible pickup of the mattresses for recycling.

2. Give Them Up For Charity

One of the easiest ways to help the good cause of charity is to donate your things. If you have old mattresses, you can always donate them.

However, before you donate your old mattresses, you have to ensure that they are still in a good state. The idea behind donating items for charity is simple and clear. It is not just to dispose of them, but to give them out so that other people can have good use of them.

In this light, if your mattresses are too old or worn out to serve any good purpose, you should consider recycling them.

3. Sell Them And Make Some Cash

If the idea of making some cash from selling your old things sounds good to you, then you are good to go.

With your mattresses, you can sell them out and make money. However, like donating your mattresses, you have to ensure they are in good condition when selling.

This obligation is even higher since you are getting money for your mattresses. You have to ensure that that the mattresses would fetch you good money. Always understand that the better your mattresses, the more money you would get.

To sell, you can put them up on any of the online market platforms around.


Mattresses are a necessary part of our lives, but the older ones become almost useless when we get new ones. You don’t have to let this create problems for you. As you have seen, you can recycle them, give them up, or even sell them.

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