Seven Brilliant Ways To Reduce Carbon Emissions

Global warming is one of the gravest threats the world is facing today. In order to prevent the temperature of the earth from rising more than the safe limits, there has to be a global initiative beginning from small changes in the day to day life. These are some of the ways that shall certainly help you play your part in fight against the climate change.

Use Green Energy

There is a serious need to replace all the coal based electricity in the world with green and clean energy. The smokes that erupt from burning of the coal are one of the foremost contributor to the environmental pollution and green house gas emissions. The use of green energies that are produced from renewable sources such as solar energy, wind and wave powers.

These sources of energy are equally efficient and the more we start using them the greater shall be the investment in the technologies that make them available to you. Harnessing solar energy is the best way of finding an alternative to the dirty fuel.

Walk, Cycle and Use Public Transport

There is no denying to the fact that more the number of vehicles, the greater will be the carbon dioxide emissions. In order to minimize the emissions we should try to make maximum use of public transports and other source of conveyance that are cleaner.  A larger number of car would mean greater consumption and a faster depletion of oil. You should start using public transport and inspire others too to do the same in order to contribute towards the initiative. Moreover, make sure that you use cycle to cover distances that are less.

Avoid Red Meat

Red meat comes mostly from ruminant live stocks such as cattle and sheep. These animals are great producers of methane and which is a green house gas and packs 72 times the punch of carbon dioxide for a period off two decades. Other sources of meats such as chicken and Kangaroo produce far less emissions and are healthy for body too. A family’s emissions from beef would easily outweigh the construction and running costs of a 4 WD vehicle in less than half of a decade.

Make Your Home Energy Efficient

All most all of us tend to forget, putting off the lights and fans when they aren’t necessary at all, to switch off TV by remote and not by the switch,  to put off room heater even when there is no one in the room. By shedding these habits you can enormously reduce your carbon dioxide emissions.

These habits can be given up easily once we start recognizing the repercussions of the same. These small changes in our lives can greatly help in the battle against the global warming. Moreover, shedding these habits will reduce your electricity bill too.

Telecommunicate and Make use of the Technology

Are you one among those who have to fly to different cities too often?  Do you need to travel a lot in the congested traffic of the city? You should consider making the best possible use of the technology and try to travel as less as possible in the cases where your presence is not very very important. You should also try to convince your colleagues to do the same and make use of internet and telecommunications. By doing so, you will travel less and hence play a part in reduction of the emission of carbon dioxide.

Even while shopping you must try to maximize your usage of online shopping as the same will reduce the emissions of transportations and you can also save a lot from By discount codes. You should also avoid using papers as billions of trees are cut every year to produce these papers and as a result the carbon-oxygen balance of the atmosphere is greatly dysbalanced. This is the reason you should make sure that paper work is avoided to the greatest extent.

Plant More Trees

Everyone amongst us knows the importance of plants and trees when it comes to have a cleaner environment. However, we tend to neglect this fact and seem very less concerned about the deforestation in the wake of development. Of what use shall these concrete structures be, if the entire human race comes under the fury of global warming? Although some emissions can’t be controlled and are inevitable, but we can certainly contribute to the greener nature by planting more number of trees.

Re-Cycle and Re-Use

We tend to replace a lot of materials which can easily be fixed. The carbon footprint of replacing the stuffs is far more than fixing them. We must consider the fact that a huge amount of energy, water and other resources are used up in making these products. At the same time we must limit the number of things that we buy just for sake of buying them.

We must have the conscience and ability to resist the temptation of buying anything and everything out of the blue unless they are extremely necessary. Further, while buying anything try to purchase the local goods as the goods that travel from far off places to your city cause a lot of carbon emission and the same should be discouraged.

These are some of the ways that can effectively reduce the carbon emissions and lead the world towards a safer future. The threat of climate change has to be acknowledged by everyone across the world. The Paris climate agreement is one of the steps taken towards fighting the climate change effectively.

The use of nuclear technology to produce green energy can also accelerate the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere. Although we just can’t wake up to find a greener earth one fine morning, but we can certainly play our parts in ensuring that the upcoming generations don’t face repercussions of our neglect.

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