Top 11 Best Solar Powered Backpacks of 2020 For Adventurers

Backpacks are important for hiking purposes and other outdoor activities since it accommodates items one can use. What’s unique is the advent of solar-powered backpacks, especially in the current era of technological innovation and creativity. Typically, the backpacks are powered by the rays of the sun and are able to keep gadgets such as phones, tablets, or torches on. The solar backpacks utilize the sunny weather to absorb and convert solar energy to electrical energy to ease the charging of such gadgets.

Moreover, it does the work of a normal backpack as it carries belongings. These are thus some of the reasons solar backpacks are gaining more and more prominence. However, it is of great significance to check certain features before acquiring a solar backpack. These include aspects namely the number of solar panels, the number of solar-powered watts, the charging capacity, charging compatibility and the material of the backpack. This article shows the top 11 best solar powered backpacks of 2020 for adventurers. Let’s have a quick look at them.

1. Voltaic Systems Array Solar Backpack

Voltaic Systems Array Rapid Solar Backpack Charger for Laptops | Includes a Battery Pack (Power Bank) and 2 Year Warranty | Powers Laptops Including Apple MacBook, Phones, USB Devices, More - Silver

This is a one of the highest performing solar backpacks with 3 monocrystalline solar panels and a whopping 10W with an output of about 6V or 18V. They are removable and can be washed and fitted to suit the direction of the sun. The Voltaic has one of the most powerful batteries with a capacity of 20,000 mAh. It has 3 USB ports which differ in the surge of power with one being 12V/4A, 16V/3.5A and 19V/3A.

This enables the backpack to charge large devices such as laptops and small ones like smartphones to full charge. There is an internal laptop sleeve for effective package and for charging. The Voltaic can also be charged using a power outlet. The bag is made comfortable by the padded straps that sooth the shoulders despite the pressure on the straps and the sternum, which keeps the bag secure despite the rigorous outdoor activities. There is also a water bottle pocket on the side.

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2. EnerPlex Packr Commuter Solar Backpack

EnerPlex Packr Commuter Solar Powered Backpack (PRCOMMBK)

The EnerPlex has a flexible solar panel that has a 3 watt output, which is enough to charge devices such as smartphones. It does not have a battery and thus cannot store a lot of power to charge larger devices. There are compartments in the bag ensuring there is space for storing different items including a laptop sleeve, which has a charging point inside the bag.

The EnerPlex is unlike most of the solar backpacks since it has an official outlook and as such, can be used both in the office and in outdoor activities. Also, there are packets on the outside that can be used to fit water bottles. Additionally, it is a comfortable bag which has padded shoulder straps to ease the pressure on the shoulders.

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3. Birksun Solar Backpack (Mythos Black)

Birksun Solar Backpack (Mythos Black)

This solar charging bag comes with a built-in lithium-ion battery that outputs power at 2.4 amps (just like a wall charger), and at 3000 mAH it charges all phones as fast as the wall. This comfortable, practical computer backpack comes with a state-of-the-art solar panel and a built-in battery that charges any USB device.

This is a fantastic solar panel USB backpack, but it is still a backpack, and it needs to fit and feel and work like one. This black backpack’s interior is lined with high-quality fabric that hugs your electronics and other belongings, plus leather handles and enhanced cross-stitching provide the perfect blend of artistry and durability.

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4. SolarGoPack 10K Solar Powered Backpack

SolarGoPack 10k, solar powered backpack, charge mobile devices, Take Your Power with You, 10k mAh Lithium Ion Battery - Stay Charged My Friends !! - Black

This is the best solar backpack in the SolarGoPack Company. There is one solar panel that is removable and therefore, it can be easily washed and directed towards the direction of the sun. The solar panel boosts of 7 watt output accompanied by a 10,000 mAh water proof battery. For this reason, the backpack can be used for charging devices such as smartphones and laptops.

Furthermore, part of the bag is made of nylon and polyester material, which not only makes the bag waterproof but also light making it easy to carry around in outdoor activities. Again, it is built with high quality, durable and rugged fabric to survive through tough outdoor conditions.

It has a capacity of 40 liters giving it quite some room. The bag has many compartments, which can be used to store documents and gadgets such as smartphones. Like the EnerPlex, the SolarGoPack has an internal laptop sleeve. This notwithstanding, the shoulder straps are padded for comfort and are boosted by the sternum strap, which provides stability.

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5. Solar Powered Laptop Backpack with USB Charging

Laptop Backpack,Fanspack Solar Powered Backpack with USB Charging Port Waterproof Oxford Travel Backpack School Daypack for 15.6 inch Laptop and Notebook

This solar powered laptop backpack has detachable solar panel charger. The solar panel can charger your cellphone or other gadgets directly with plenty of sunshine. You can also put a portable charger between the panel and the exit usb, this makes the panel continuously charges the power bank and then the exit usb pulls power from the bank. It has large capacity to accommodate your 15.6 inch laptop, mobile phone, wallet, books, magazine, clothes or other personal items. Made of high quality oxford cloth, lightweight and waterproof. Just perfect for business, school, college, hiking, travel, camping, day-trip and other outdoors activities.

You can easily and conveniently charge your phone, tablet and other devices without opening up the backpack. It has padded adjustable shoulder straps that are made to ease the pressure on your shoulders while carrying.

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6. ECEEN Solar Backpack

ECEEN Solar Bag, Solar Charger Backpack With 7 Watts Solar Panel for iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung Galaxy Series Phones and Tablets, Other Android Phones and Smartphones, etc.

The ECEEN has the same power as the SolarGoPack with a solar panel of 7 watts with a 10,000 mAh battery. This power is able to charge 4 smart phones to a 100%. The solar panel is removable and can be cleaned and fitted to face the sun. Further, the bag has many pockets and compartments, thus ensuring that items in the bag do not fall if one is out hiking or moving up and down.

Also, it is fairly big with a space of 42 liters. It is made of PVC material, ensuring the panels are protected against adverse weather conditions and at the same time, are sensitive to sunlight. The ECEEN is therefore, water resistant and durable. Further to this, the backpack has a 5V USB cable and a port for charging.

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7. HOWO Outdoor Commuter Solar Backpack

HOWO Solar Backpack Charger 6.5W Solar Panel Daypack

The HOWO, with an in-built solar panel has a relatively decent power of 6.5W bearing in mind that it does not have an in-built battery, which means it cannot store charge. Therefore, it can only charge small gadgets such as smart phones. Nonetheless, the bag is stylish owing to its design and colours. As a result, it can be used for casual activities such as a beach or sporting events. Further, it has a 2 litre hydration bladder that enables easy drinking using a flexible water pipe as you move around.

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8. ALLPOWERS Solar Backpack with Built-in 7W Solar Panel

ALLPOWERS Solar Backpack with Built-in 7W Solar Panel, 6000mAh Battery Powered Charger Backup for Camping, Hiking, Backpacking, Outdoors, Emergency, Cell Phone, iphone, ect

This is a 3-in-1 system: Solar panel, power bank and bag are integrated in one gear, off-grid power supply for camping or emergency backup. It has built-in ultra thin 6000mAh li-polymer battery, can be charged by solar panel or the included cable. It can take 6-8 hours to fully charge under 70000lux light condition. An hour charging can support 1.5-2.5 hours talk time.

The solar backpack supports 8+ compartments allow for easy sorting of your gear, provides separated space for your Laptop, iPhone, iPad, books, clothes and more, easy find what you want. Just simply great for outdoor activities. Made from durable and water resistant nylon fabric and featuring a reinforced bottom, which is light-weight carrying; Exquisite workmanship and humanized zipper and straps make the user more comfortable.

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9. PowerKeep ENERGIZER Wanderer, 30L Solar Backpack

PowerKeep ENERGIZER Wanderer, 30L Solar Backpack w/10000mAh BATTERY, rugged and flexible SOLAR PANEL, powerbank, hydration ready (Red)

The PowerKeep WANDERER is a stylish, lightweight hydration backpack. PowerKeep WANDERER harnesses the sun to charge smartphones, tablets, Go Pro, wireless headphones and other mobile electronic devices on the go, so you can start charged, stay charged, and most importantly – Stay Connected – no matter where your adventure takes you.

Perfect for hiking, biking or fishing. This rugged daypack is equipped with plenty of pockets for maps, licenses or other documents, water bottle sleeves and sizable compartments for any other outdoor gear. It has plenty of zippered compartments and interior pockets for maps, licenses or other documents, water bottle sleeves and places for other outdoor gear. Side pockets to carry water bottles. This complete solution includes backpack, solar panel, PK10K 10000mAh powerbank and micro-USB cable.

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10. ECVILLA Hiking Daypack with Solar Charger

ECVILLA Hiking Daypack with Solar Charger for Outdoor, Camping, Climbing & Solar Backpack Power for iPhone Samsung Smartphones Tablets

ECVILLA hiking daypack has Lightweight straps design,much more comfortable, with unique helmet net which is a good helper for outdoor cycling, camping, hiking, climbing. It has highly efficient solar cells that convert up to 25.5 percent of solar power into energy. Its iSmart technology automatically adjusts to connected devices and provides the optimal charging current to minimize charging time. It is compatible with Apple and Android smartphones, tablets (including the Nexus 7) and other USB-charged devices. The waterproof nylon fabric, prevent the items inside from being wet.

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11. Ghostek Solar Backpack

Ghostek NRGsolar Series 40L Eco Computer Laptop Messenger Backpack Book Bag + 16,000mAh Power Bank with 5 USB Ports | Water Resistant | 8.8-Watt Solar Panel | Laptops Up To 15.6

This is a slim fit bag that is both light and is spacious with room for 40 liters. It has a removable solar panel of 8.8W with an in-built battery of 16,000mAh making it quite a powerful backpack. The bag boasts of 5 USB ports that enables the user charge multiple devices at the same time. This is unlike any other backpack with the closest being the Ivation with only 3 USB ports. It is also water proof and therefore appropriate for outdoor conditions.

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