Best Practices for Creating a Zero-Waste Society

It’s not a secret that our planet has a hard time because of pollution: water, ground, as well as air are all polluted, and if we want to make a difference, we have to start from ourselves. People do not pay attention on buying too many unnecessary things and the result is over clutter in their homes and surroundings. Our ancestors had used all the food they could get and did not waste a single thing.

Today, we eat at restaurants, buy food we do not need and throw away food without thinking about the damage it has on our planet. So many things we use today can be recycled, upcycled, and used again, thus reducing the amount of waste we’re making every day. The idea behind a zero-waste society is that we should pay more attention to our environment as well as the resources we’re using. Do not just pass by all the signs about recycling but stop and read about it and learn how you can make a change.

Change the Way you Travel

Global warming is very real and it causes our climate to change. If you want to do something about it, you can start by getting out of your car. Using public transport, bicycles, and your own two feet to get somewhere will significantly reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions and pollution you generate each day.

When you have to travel somewhere, use buses and trains instead of airplanes and your car. Not only will you do something for the planet, but you’ll save a lot of money, too. Plan your trips in a way you can hike, ride a bike or do a bus tour through your close area. Unnecessary car rides are among most common pollution causes and this is something we can prevent.

Establish an Eco-day

You should establish an eco-day on which you won’t use any electronics at all. Over the course of the day, turn off your computers, TVs, phones, and tablets. Don’t use lights, appliances, and gadgets in general, and you will soon realize just how much you should appreciate what you have. You will save money on your electricity bill, but you will also discover and appreciate life’s bare necessities.

Now you can turn every dinner into a romantic one if you use candles to light your table. Do not rely too much on electronics. Sometimes you will find yourself without a chance to plug your phone or laptop and charge them so you need to be prepared to use different ways of communication. Buy LED lamps and save energy and money because, believe it or not, this type of light bulbs may seem expensive, but they are investment worth taking.

The Matter of Clothes

Instead of spending money in huge stores, you can try visiting second-hand and thrift shops instead. Fashion trends change rapidly, and this is a way to follow them without going bankrupt and without making waste. Not only that, but second-hand shops also often offer great quality brands for less money than you would pay in a regular store. Besides, you can also go through your closet and set aside things you haven’t worn in the last year. Donate these clothes or plan a clothing swap party with some of your friends. Some stores even offer coupons if you bring your old clothes so you should search for them. This way you will get a chance to buy your favorite brands at lower prices and also make a space in your closet.

Mind Your Waste

Nobody can create a zero-waste household overnight. This is why it’s important to start slowly and adopt habits which will help you reduce the amount of waste you’re making. Search online for materials that are eco-friendly and embrace them in your home. DO not go for materials that cannot resolve and try to stop using them in your household. Ditch all plastic bags you own – you can start using tote bags and reusable bags instead. Ask for them in stores and make it as something you will do every time when you are out shopping.

Start separating organic waste in your home and try making your own compost, which you can use in your garden. Compost will allow you to grow fruit, vegetables, and herbs and you won’t have to spend so much money on groceries in future. This will take seconds but the result will be a long term benefit which you will see when your garden become beautiful zen place. When your clothes no longer fit or get torn, give them away or use them to make rags, which you can use in the garage or kitchen.

Mind Your Diet

The zero-waste policy means you should stop buying things, but this doesn’t mean that you should stop buying food. On the contrary, you should keep buying food, but try to get it from places other than your local supermarket. Find the nearest farmer’s market and go there to find what you need. This way, you will make sure you’re getting fresh groceries, and you’ll be helping other families by buying products directly from them.

Walk around and try to locate small grocers and bakers in your neighborhood who make an effort to buy from local companies, and start making your purchases there. Food waste is a waste of money. Be smart and make a plan for your meals. Write down all the things you want to cook for the entire week and buy groceries you will use. This will help you to prevent piling up unnecessary food and stop clutter in your kitchen. Making leftover sandwiches is a great way to reuse what you have in your fridge and make a quick snack for your work.

Save Water and Energy

Aside from establishing an eco-day, you could also try finding no-energy alternatives to help you accomplish everyday tasks. This doesn’t mean that you should stop using electricity altogether; instead, you could try using solar power. There are great phone and computer charges which are solar-powered, and these will allow you to reduce your energy consumption.

Save water by changing the way you brush your teeth, hair, and dishes, as well the way you water your lawn. Find ways you can reuse water and conserve this non-renewable resource. This maybe seems like something you will have trouble with getting used to, but after a while, you will do these things as a part of your daily routine.

Installing a rain barrel is not complicated and it can help you to water your lawn or garden and be guilt-free. Switch to more efficient plumbing and appliances, and find a geotechnical engineering company which can check if you can use groundwater on your property for some of your daily tasks.

People don’t make an effort because they believe that their actions are too small to cancel out all the bad things that are going on: pollution and global warming. Yet, we forget that even the smallest things count in the bigger picture. If all of us started making even the smallest changes every day, pretty soon we would see some positive results. Start from yourself and be the change you want to see in the world!

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