15+ Best and Popular US Carbon Offset Providers

Carbon offsets are schemes or initiatives aimed at reducing greenhouse gas or carbon dioxide emissions by compensating for or neutralizing the emissions made. In other words, it pertains to investment in environmental projects with the sole objective of balancing carbon footprints. It’s a practice that has increasingly gained popularity globally, with more and more carbon offset providers joining the initiative.

The carbon offset providers primarily work to reduce future emissions by investing in clean energy technologies, planting trees, or buying and compensating for the carbon emitted from emissions trading schemes. Offset providers widely vary in terms of their areas of focus and charges, and their operations are determined by their respective locations. Overall, whether in the UK, US, Australia, or Canada, the central objective is to promote environmental sustainability. Here are the top 15+ carbon offset providers in the US.

15+ Popular Carbon Offset Providers of US

1. Sustainable Travel International

The mission of Sustainable Travel International is to reduce the impacts of carbon footprint through tourism and travel. In partnership with NGOs, governments, companies and communities, the offset provider works towards sustainable development goals to limit the adverse effects of climate change by selling carbon credits with regards to flying or other travel activities and using the funds to protect the planet’s terrestrial ecosystems.

Its focus is centrally on preventing deforestation, irresponsible development, and over-exploitation. In the various partnership projects, Sustainable Travel International ensures real and measurable results by supporting biodiversity conservation, clean and renewable energy, and planting trees that help in absorbing and storing carbon.

2. Green Mountain Energy

With an overriding commitment to environmental sustainability and reducing the overall environmental impacts, Green Mountain Energy offers high-quality standards on carbon offset provision. The high-quality standards set by the provider ensures that the carbon offsets are sourced from reputable and verified third party industries.

The main areas of operation include the advancement of forestry projects, wastewater treatment, promoting energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy, and the capture of methane gas at landfills.

3. Native Energy

Native Energy takes pride as an organization responsible for offering solutions to climate change through the provision of carbon tracking services, carbon offsets, and renewable energy credits. Founded in 2002, it has assisted individuals and businesses in identifying and reducing their greenhouse gas emissions and reach their goals on environmental sustainability.

Native Energy has also partnered with Green America in promoting actions towards reducing carbon footprints by funding new solar, wind, water, and conservation projects. Native Energy states that by purchasing carbon offsets from them, it helps to finance new wind turbines, renewable energy at schools, and methane gas capturing on family farms.

4. WGL Energy

WGL Energy is devoted to offering money-saving and reliable carbon offset options for individuals, businesses and organizations across the US as well as the sate. Founded in 1996 and located in Vienna, Virginia, the offset provider was previously known as Washington Gas Energy Services, Inc.

It currently serves based on the knowledge that every penny counts, and when it comes to the commitment to supporting sustainable practices, WGL Energy ensures value is placed on promoting carbon reduction, renewable energy and energy-efficient solutions.

On the customer’s behalf, WGL Energy invests the carbon offsets to reduce the carbon footprint on projects such as tree planting, water conservation and management, and the development of future clean air.

5. Cool Effect

Cool Effect supports the reduction of carbon emission by funding carbon-reducing projects across the globe. The offset provider operates on a crowdfunding platform, and it’s on this basis that it generates the funds it uses to advance carbon-reducing projects. Cool Effect’s main headquarters is in Kentfield, California, and its success is associated with the high number of projects it has funded globally in a bid to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Just like many other carbon offset companies in the US, Cool Effect’s main objective is to fight climate change by finding impressive projects around the world that have a proven track record of reducing carbon emissions.

6. ClearSky Climate Solutions

The focus of Clearsky is searching for opportunities to manage climate change problems by designing and supporting market-based forest carbon. For the most part, ClearSky’s priority on conserving forest resources in the long-term gives it the credibility of being among the best US carbon offset providers.

Through carbon footprint assessment and comprehensive greenhouse gas reduction services, Clearsky Climate Solution easily provides individuals, groups, companies and organizations with clear guidelines on how to reduce and balance emissions with high-quality carbon offsets.

It also provides customized technical assistance to those who seek to offset their carbon footprint through periodic workshops, seminars, and training programs throughout the year.

7. Sterling Planet

Sterling Planet is one of the leading providers of retail renewable energy. With several years of experience, Sterling Planet has been accredited as a carbon offset provider in the US on the basis of developing green power projects and supporting hundreds of clean energy generators.

For this reason, EPA has more than once recognized Sterling Planet as an award-winning green power supplier of the year. Specific to carbon offset initiative, it counterbalances carbon use for the American community by supporting projects with the objective of capturing greenhouse gas emissions caused by energy use and personal transportation.

Sterling Planet assures buyers that their offsets are of high-quality, real, additional – more than “business as usual,” and permanent.

8. 3 Degrees

3 Degrees partners with various environmental conscious organizations and connects with millions of people to help make a positive environmental impact. 3 Degrees is also well equipped in the delivery of renewable energy products and climate change consultancy.  It has helped universities, small businesses, government agencies, and even Fortune 500 companies in offsetting their carbon footprint.

Aside from connecting thousands of people with clean energy, it has about 8.8 million verified carbon offsets delivered. 3 Degrees also sources top-notch, third-party verified carbon offsets from emission reduction initiatives. As a matter of fact, it has bought and dedicated more than 3 million tons of carbon offsets.

9. BEF Carbon Mix

BEF Carbon Mix empowers businesses to be in balance with the environment through the provision of a myriad set of programs, products and tailored solutions that aid in mitigating environmental footprint. The solutions, products, and programs provided by BEF Carbon Mix are matched with various business goals and are meant to reduce the overall impacts of climate change and environmental degradation.

Particularly, the programs and solutions are geared towards designing and strengthening renewable energy technology, water conservation and management, forest management, waste heat capture and landfill gas capture.

eco-friendly10. TerraPass

TerraPass projects run throughout the United States, offering solutions to the major environmental problems and supporting local communities. The main areas of concentration by TerraPass include expanding and supporting farm power, production of clean energy from wind power, and capturing landfill gas.

The offsets options offered by TerraPass are on car and airplane emissions, home energy use, and offsets schemes for business as well as for wedding events. With the headquarters in San Francisco, California, TerraPass utilizes the funds from carbon credit purchases to fund projects such as wind power, landfill gas capture and improving forest management with the objective of reducing greenhouse gasses.

11. Carbon Solutions Group

Carbon Solutions Group is guided by the slogan “low carbon for a sustainable future.”  The groups’ aim is to develop effective strategies for environmental asset management, and its primary role is supported by several independent working relationships globally.

In terms of carbon offset provision, it delivers solutions by capturing 100% of landfill methane. Other areas of specialization by the group include greenhouse gas emission monitoring, green building projects, carbon and renewable energy projects, and emissions management and mitigation.

Carbon Solutions Group also has a comprehensive team of experts, including financial traders, policy analysts, multi-disciplined engineers and environmental consultants, thus the ranking as one of the top carbon offset providers in the US.

12. Southern Company (NYSE: SO)

It is a leading energy company serving 9 million customers through its subsidiaries. Southern Company has been ranked among America’s Best Large Employers for four consecutive years by Forbes magazine. In 2019 they were ranked No. 14 in the nation, No. 1 in Georgia and No. 1 among industry peers.

They provide clean, safe, reliable and affordable energy through electric operating companies in three states, natural gas distribution companies in four states, a competitive generation company serving wholesale customers across America, a leading distributed energy infrastructure company, a fiber optics network and telecommunications services.

Southern Company brands have been building the future of energy and developing the full portfolio of energy resources, including carbon-free nuclear, advanced carbon capture technologies, natural gas, renewables, energy efficiency and storage technology.

They are known for excellent customer service, high reliability and affordable prices below the national average. Southern Company and its subsidiaries develop customized energy solutions through an industry-leading commitment to innovation and a low-carbon future for the growth and prosperity of customers and communities.

13. Carbon Offsets to Alleviate Poverty (COTAP)

This California-based program funds projects around the world. The mission of Carbon Offsets To Alleviate Poverty (COTAP) is to empower individuals and organizations in developed countries to address both climate change and global poverty. COTAP counteracts with carbon emissions through certified forestry projects in least-developed regions, creating transparent, accountable, and life-changing earnings for rural farming communities where income levels are less than $2 per day.

With a present emphasis on funding small communities in Nicaragua, India, and Uganda to plant trees, their current projects have helped them pay locals to plant 29,814 hectares of trees.90% of the money given to the nonprofit goes into local farmers’ pockets for reforestation efforts and orchards of edible food.

Every project is either certified or in the process of being certified by Plan Vivo Standard, CarbonFix Standard, Verified Carbon Standard, or CCBA. It is also worth pointing out that this company offers total transparency where every cent of the money received goes.

14. Greenprint

As consumer mobility creates the largest source of carbon emissions in the US, and it accounts for 14% of greenhouse gas emissions globally, they are actively doing something about this carbon footprint. And with the types of sustainability services they provide, they help to drive revenue by creating a competitive differentiator and increasing customer loyalty, while enhancing employee and community engagement.

Greenprintoffers an easy way for companies to attract those customers with programs to reduce the environmental impact of their product or packaging, all without a large capital expense or complex consulting processes. Their turnkey sustainability products provide immediate value and results, and also offer a more consultative approach to helping large enterprises become more sustainable across the board.

15. Conservation fund

The Conservation Fund makes conservation work for America.  By creating solutions that make environmental and economic sense, they are redefining conservation to demonstrate its essential role in our future prosperity. They are top-ranked for efficiency and effectiveness and have worked in all 50 states to protect over 8 million acres of land since 1985.

The Conservation Fund, working with public, private and nonprofit partners, protects America’s legacy of land and water resources through land acquisition, sustainable community and economic development, and leadership training, emphasizing the integration of economic and environmental goals.

They first received accreditation in August 2014. As one of over 400 accredited land trusts across America, the Fund provided extensive documentation and was subject to a comprehensive third-party evaluation prior to achieving this distinction. The Land Trust Accreditation Commission awarded renewed accreditation, signifying its confidence that The Conservation Fund’s lands will be protected forever.

16. Arbor Day Foundation

The Arbor Day Foundation, founded in 1972, is the largest 501(c)3 nonprofit membership organization dedicated to planting trees. With more than 1 million members, supporters, and valued partners, they have planted more than 350 million trees in neighborhoods, communities, cities, and forests throughout the world to ensure a greener and healthier future for everyone.

Their vision is to help others understand and use trees as a solution to many of the global issues we face today, including air quality, water quality, a changing climate, deforestation, poverty, and hunger.

The impact they make on our world is accomplished through their conservation and education programs. They work to restore forests, improve tree cover in communities, and inspire the next generation of tree planters to ensure this important work endures.

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