11 Best Home Energy Audit Companies of America of 2020

An energy audit entails understanding how energy is consumed in a building or home. This aids in reducing operating expenses and enhancing the buildings’ performance hence increasing profitability. Through the audit, measures can be identified to make a home energy efficient. The assessment also reveals any hitches that may be present in the energy system saving considerable sums of money over time.

There are many companies in the United States dealing with energy audits. The increased need to have a comprehensive energy management strategy and to promote green living is the reason for the increasing number of energy audit companies. The following are the top companies dealing with energy audits in the U.S. as of 2020.

We must start… rebuilding our cities around energy efficiency and human needs, rather than around the car and wasted energy.

~ Jay Inslee

11 Best Home Energy Audit Companies in the USA

1. CMC Energy Services

CMC Energy Services is the best energy company in the United States owing to its vast experience in the field. The company boasts more than 36 years in the field, an indication that the company is keen at setting a high standard in its work.

The energy auditors use the latest technology to identify any leakages and testing of home appliances. Apart from doing home energy audits, they also conduct home energy safety.

The auditors also take into account all aspects of energy use within the home and educate the homeowner on how to make informed decisions with regards to selecting home appliances. This involves giving tips on how to save energy and ensure safety at home. CMC has demonstrated their efficiency in their work and they have won awards for the excellent work and energy audit accuracy.

2. HomeWorks Energy, Inc.

HomeWork Energy, Inc. is based in Woburn and serves clients from the Greater Boston area. It provides services such as energy efficiency consultations, air sealing among others. The main advantage of consulting the company is its installation of energy-efficient bulbs for free which in turn reduces the monthly energy bill. The company provides house energy assessment at no cost with the use of an Infra-Red camera.

The firm’s priority is to provide energy saving measures that promise a high return on investment. The company is a Mass Save partner as they work with other energy service providers and provide a wide range of training, as well as information to promote efficiency as a way of assisting homeowners and businesses to manage their energy use and reduce the related costs.

3. Merrimack Valley Insulation and Weatherization

Merrimack Valley Insulation and Weatherization is a company based in New Hampshire with the main aim of helping homeowners increase their energy efficiency. The company specializes in air sealing where crevices are known to increase the heating and cooling costs. They thus identify the leaks and seal them using spray foam, caulk, and weather-stripping among others. The company is also a mass partner.

In addition to that, the company has a rebate program where they install energy-efficient insulation at a subsided cost. In the rebate program, they perform a home energy assessment at no cost. The company also performs weatherization in homes that want to reduce energy usage.

4. American Energy Advisors

American Energy advisors specialize in-home audits, solar design implementation, heating and cooling installations. Since the inception of the company in 2009, the company has performed numerous home audits in the Omaha area. The mission of the company is to assist homeowners to make informed decisions regarding energy consumption.

The company also provides consultations and offers homeowners with the best alternatives to use to reduce energy consumption. It also conducts home performance checks which entail a broad term that they use to refer to anything relating to energy conservation. Under home performance, they conduct energy audits, checks to verify indoor air quality, installing of thermostats, and insulation.

Generally, home performance checks improve energy usage and they identify the effects of the home to an individual’s health by checking how the various components relate to each other.

5. Pro Energy Consultants

Pro energy consultant’s guarantees comprehensive and investigative home audit to show the homeowner ways of maximizing comfort within the home and improve energy efficiency while saving on costs. Pro Energy consultants are highly trained and skilled as the company believes in conducting refresher courses to energy auditors that helps the auditor have up to date information.

Their level of professionalism and customer care is seen from the client’s comments on their website. They have specialized equipment to identify any energy leaks within a home that would register high energy bills.

As part of the energy audit, the auditors identify any back-drafting problems and other issues that would affect an individual’s health. Apart from that, they provide homeowners with cost-effective solutions to reduce energy consumption at home.

6. Synergy Companies

Synergy companies is a California based company that specializes in energy audits and provide necessary solutions to reduce energy wastage. The company has vast experience in the area as it was formed in 1981 when it began offering home insulation services and it expanded to offer efficient solutions and solar generation.

Currently, the company deals with home energy management which involves performing home energy audits, floor insulation, removing insulation, installing attic and whole-house fans, air conditioning, weatherization, and air sealing, and solar panel installations.

In conducting the home energy audit, their experts use a whole-house approach where the home audit is designed in such a way the whole house is checked given that it is a single system. The home energy report provides a recommendation that the homeowner can use to improve energy efficiency and reduce associated costs.


7. Green Audit USA

Green Audit USA conducts home energy audits, installs insulations, heating and AC, and solar installation. The company uses the latest technology to access any energy leakages at home, insulation gaps, and provide recommendations on opportunities that may reduce energy consumption.

In addition to providing measures to reduce energy consumption, they evaluate and pinpoint any air quality issues, moisture issues that may compromise the health and safety of the homeowner. The company experts provide opportunities and solutions to improve the comfort of the client in their home and also cost-cutting measures regarding energy consumption.

8. REenergizeCO

REenergizeCO is based in Colorado and is an approved Xcel contractor that specializes in home diagnostics. The company has experts that utilize building science principles to assist in managing energy usage at home and provide a comfortable environment for the homeowner. The company is approved to conduct smart energy-efficient upgrades and installation of insulation for cash rebates and other incentives.

They conduct an analytical home audit using a blower door test to evaluate the extent of the leakage within the home, the performance of the building envelope and insulation. In addition, they take into account the behavior of the homeowners to come up with a conclusive report.

9. Carroll Energy Solutions

Carroll energy solutions provide a good package for homeowners needing home assessment services. They are efficient in their job as they conduct a client interview prior to conducting the client visit to identify the client’s concern. Further, they conduct a holistic building inspection to locate any crevices in the building’s envelope.

With the use of an infrared thermal scan, the experts can conduct an assessment in the house to identify any locations that are resulting in energy losses and those that may require insulation and weatherization. They also conduct safety inspections of the mechanical system to identify any hazards within the home.

Through their computer simulation, the experts can identify the current energy load as a first step towards establishing ways to reduce energy consumption. One of the strengths of the company is that it offers a $50 discount for those clients who subscribe through their website.

10. Home Energy Medics

Home Energy Medics is one of the companies offering home energy audits in Washington DC and operate in Arlington and Virginia. The company specializes in both commercial and home audits and seeks to provide its clientele with ways to reduce energy consumption.

Their audits identify problems such as comfort issues, indoor health issues, ice dams, mold and moisture problems, carbon prints, and high energy bills.

Information from the customer reviews indicates that their staffs have professionalism, integrity, respect, and attention to detail that makes them a preferred option for many people within Washington DC. They offer consultations to clients and help them identify methods to reduce their high energy consumption.

They also offer consultations for home upgrade projects and for other high-efficiency products that the homeowner may seek to install. They come up with tailor-made solutions that assist in the implementation of the home upgrade project.

11. BrightHOME Energy Solutions

BrightHOME energy solutions is a company based in New York providing insulation, energy audits, and air conditioning services. The energy audits involved checking both the exterior and interior of the house to pinpoint any safety and efficiency issues. Exterior inspections include testing the heating and cooling system, gas leaks, and identifying carbon monoxide production.

Interior inspection involves evaluating lighting and home appliances to check their efficiency. They conduct a blower test to identify the amount of energy that may be wasted due to the excess airflow in the house. The consultants provide a recommendation to cater for any hitches that may occur in a home. Due to their excellent work, they received a century club award in 2016.

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