13 Benefits of Pecans For Skin, Hair and Health That Might Surprise You

Benefits of Pecans include helps your digestive system, promotes weight loss, has cancer-preventing properties, source of vitamin valley, is rich in antioxidants, has anti-inflammatory properties, provide nutrition for your brain, plays role in aiding PMS and osteoporosis, can boost your immunity, stimulates hair growth and inhibit hair loss.

Do you know those bitter nuts that are the star of so many desserts? Well, it turns out they’re great for your health. Pecans are a tree nut native to Mexico and South America. These nuts are a staple in many diets and don’t just function as a dessert ingredient.

These nuts are distinct because of their brown shell and unique textured surface. The pecans have a rather peculiar taste in comparison to most nuts, which is a bitter, almost buttery kind of taste.

13 Benefits of Pecans For Skin, Hair, and Health

1. Your Heart’s Friend

With cardiovascular problems on the rise, every other person is plagued with some sort of heart problems. Pecans are an unusual solution, filled to the brim with monosaturated fats such as oleic acids and phenolic antioxidant that can help you nip those problems in the bud.

These tree nuts contain up to 60% monosaturated fats and 30 polyunsaturated fats.

According to the National Pecan Shellers Association, just a handful of pecan nuts in your diet can significantly decrease the levels of LDL, aka the bad cholesterol.

It also promotes the accumulation of good cholesterol, which plays a significant role in inhibiting the bulk of heart problems such as strokes, atherosclerosis, coronary heart diseases, etc.

2. Helps Your Digestive System

Packed with fibers that are an essential part of your daily diet, they facilitate your Gastro-intestinal tract in peristalsis (the mechanism by which food passes through your colon).

Due to this, they can help you avoid constipation and help you steer clear of hemorrhoids and colitis by continually flushing the digestive tract.

3. Promotes Weight Loss

The high proportion of fiber in these nuts can help you lose those few extra pounds. The fiber fills you up real quick, ensuring that you reach satiety faster and satisfy your urges. Moreover, the content of these pecans has shown to increase BMR.

The basal metabolic rate of the human body is the rate at which your body uses energy at rest. The presence of B-complex vitamin groups such as niacin, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, thiamin, vitamin B-6, and folates can considerably improve your metabolism.

The benefits don’t just end here. The presence of these fatty acids can reduce the amount of Grehlin produced, the hormone that causes you to feel hungry.

Along with all this, Pecans have a minute amount of sugars, which is again great for controlling your blood sugar and insulin levels.

It is surprisingly relevant because this reduces the risk of one developing type 2-diabetes, which is a rising concern amongst the medical community. Diabetes itself is manageable with diet; however, it can again cause further complications.

4. Cancer Preventing Properties

As the world races to find the cure for cancer, all we can do at this point is to try to prevent it. Luckily, these nuts native to Mexico and South America are filled with ellagic acid that has anti-proliferative properties.

This acid inhibits the binding of carcinogenic agents, i.e., nitrosamines and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons to your DNA. Along with being a monosaturated fat, Oleic acid has been known to curb Breast Cancer.

Moreover, by improving the functioning of your digestive tract pecans can reduce your risk of developing colon cancer.

5. Vitamin Valley

This humble nut packs more than 19 vitamins, namely not limited to calcium, phosphorus, potassium, thiamin, zinc, Vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin E, and folic acid.

It means that adding just a handful of these can help your body perform better and may just be enough for you to stop needing those multivitamin pills.

Alongside these vitamins, Pecans are a great source of copper that is required by the body in 50 unique ways to create ATP, Adenosine Triphosphate, which is the molecule primarily responsible for energy conversions in your body.

(That being said, ensure that you do not take vitamin E supplements if you eat a lot of pecan nuts as this can cause a pro-vitamin effect).

6. Rich in Antioxidants

Bursting with polyphenol antioxidants, particularly flavonoids, these nuts have been known to contain twice the flavonoid content compared to other nuts, such as cashews, almonds, or pistachios and almost 7 times when compared to walnuts.

Not just this, pecan nuts contain a high level of gamma tocopherols, which is a variant of Vitamin E and yet another antioxidant.

These antioxidants aren’t just great for your body function and complexion, but they can also reduce the effects of anemia.

A lack of iron in a body is called anemia and can make you lethargic and tired. The prescribed treatment for anemia is eating food high in anemia, and pecans do just that.

7. Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Inflammation is your body’s reaction to damage cells, from oxidative stress or physical. It is helpful in some cases in which your part of your body’s natural defense system, but it is helpful only in small amounts.

However, most mutations are caused by chronic inflammation. Mutations are changes in your DNA, which can cause problems in bodily functions; thus, pecans serve you a great purpose by inhibiting inflammation.

8. Provides Nutrition for Your Brain

As mentioned above, Pecans contain a large among of thiamine and copper, which are vital to stopping free radical damage to the brain; this is linked to delaying the onset of Parkinson’s disease. Manganese, which is also present in high quantity, can stabilize the brain synaptic process.

Epilepsy, learning disabilities, and mood swings are all linked to low manganese levels, making this tree nut perfect for good brain health. Oxidative stress also puts you at risk of developing Alzheimer’s faster, along with heart failure, chronic fatigue, and in rare cases, depression.

9. Role in Aiding PMS And Osteoporosis

Pecans that are generally high in phosphorous and fiber, as mentioned before, these nuts lower the risk of developing osteoporosis considerably, especially in women.

The high phosphorus levels can help you maintain a higher bone density, stronger teeth, and maintain your body’s waste system. Phosphorus also helps in easing muscle pain and cramping from strenuous activities.

PMS often comes with cramps that can ruin multiple days at a time, along with cramps, PMS often causes bloating and digestive disturbances, while this cannot be completely avoided. The high fiber content of pecans can work to ease the severity of these symptoms.

10. Can Boost Your Immunity

Pecans are an excellent source of phytonutrients that are plant-based chemical compounds that have known to aid your immune system and protect you from the diseases.

Pecans also contain high amounts of zinc that is critical for the function and strengthening of your immune system. Individuals that have diets with high amounts of zinc are marked at a lower risk of a multitude of diseases.

The diverse composition of pecans is such that it contains many minerals as well as vitamins and fiber that can prevent the accumulation of gallstones.

It also controls blood pressure, which is a plus point since high blood pressure can put you at risk of many opportunistic diseases and compromise your health.

11. Anti-Aging Effects

These delicious nuts from Mexico are not just delicious but pack a punch to time. The high concentration of antioxidants in these nuts can help improve the complexion of one’s skin by promoting a clear texture.

The many vitamins, namely Vitamin A and E and ellagic acid are warriors against free radicals that are possibly the most significant cause of skin aging. Based on this, pecans can help prevents fine lines, wrinkles, and even discoloration of the skin.

The high fiber and zinc content in pecans are used by your body to detoxify even the most resilient of toxins; this prevents acne breakouts and oily skin. The result? Glowing clear skin.

12. Stimulates Hair Growth

A bulk of L-arginine, an amino acid that, when used externally, can be used to aid in male pattern baldness along with encouraging the growth of hair is found in these tree nuts.

L-arginine is known to increase the flexibility of the arteries and make them less susceptible to damage and blood clots.

It promotes the development of blood circulation network and ultimately improves nutrient provision to the hair follicles and therefore allows for a healthier scalp and stronger hair strands.

13. Inhibit Hair Loss

If you suffer from low hair density, then pecans are the right choice for you. They contain high amounts of amino acids that can aid in better hair growth.

Along with this, external treatments with pecan oil can make every individual hair strand healthier by moisturizing them and strengthening them. It will make your hair less frizzy and dry and ultimately less prone to breakage.


I’m betting you didn’t know at least 3 of these properties of pecans. These properties make pecans the perfect partner for your breakfast lunch and dinner.

You can grab a handful every morning, or you can add these to your meals to make sure that you get your daily dose of these nutritious nuts.

Tell us what you think in the comments down below!




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