How to Become the Most Eco-Friendly Driver

As the world’s supply of fossil fuels dwindles, petrol and diesel prices continue to soar and people become more and more eco-conscious, the importance of environmentally friendly driving is increasing. Already there has been a significant rise in the number of eco-cars on the roads in the past couple of years.

Car manufacturers are developing more efficient, cleaner vehicles all the time to meet the changing demands and priorities of their customers. Having an energy efficient vehicle is the first stepping stone on the path to becoming an eco-friendly driver, along with a few other driving tips and other factors that will help reduce your carbon footprint when on the move.

Choose a Green Car

The greenest automotive transportation option is to use public transport but for many of us that isn’t an option due to where we live, work and other elements. Instead when buying a fresh set of wheels choosing an energy efficient model is the best step. There are many available now, with most of the big car manufacturers producing at least one. Here’s what to check for to find your ideal green mobile.

Fuel Economy

The higher the miles per gallon (mpg) the better the fuel economy of the vehicle. This is important to compare when choosing a new car as it will save you petrol money and be better for the environment by using less fuel per mile you drive. Various factors can impact upon a vehicle’s fuel economy, from engine size to weight. The best way to discover a car’s true mpg is to read plenty of reviews and owner feedback when researching a new vehicle.

CO2 Emissions

Many car manufacturers are now creating more eco-friendly models due to government measures. Petrol and diesel cars with CO2 emissions of up to 100g/km are now exempt from vehicle tax, with the annual payments increasing based on the amount they emit. Looking for models with low emissions not only has a reduced impact on the environment but can lead to significant savings over the years.

Appropriate Model

Choosing an electric car may seem like the cleanest option but depending on your circumstances it may not be the best choice. If you cover hundreds of miles every week or month it’s going to equate to a lot of charging up so a hybrid model may be better. As with any new car opting for one with the features you require is essential, whether your priorities are a five-door model or one with USB ports and anti-lock brakes.

Vehicle Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is the most cost-effective method to increase fuel efficiency for your car. Having the optimum car tyre pressure will improve fuel economy and many new vehicles come with tyre pressure monitors included. Cleaning and replacing air filters increases acceleration time and mpg in many cases.

If you notice a reduced performance from your car it can often be due to worn out, inefficient parts. Replace them with the best quality parts which have been designed specifically for your model as the wrong shaped ones may lead to problems.

Drive Cleanly

Whatever vehicle you choose the way you drive it has a big impact on your fuel consumption and carbon footprint. Avoiding quick accelerations and driving at a constant speed burns through fuel far less quickly, so using cruise control whenever possible is advised.

Fuel economy dips above 55mph so driving slower where possible is a cleaner option. Take out any unnecessary weight to improve your mpg and pack all required gear inside your vehicle and not on a roof rack on top, which increases wind resistance. When sat stationary for a long period turning the engine off is a good tip, but for the greenest option simply walk or cycle instead of driving whenever possible!

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