21+ Astounding Reasons Why You Should Plant a Tree Today

Trees have numerous benefits and it can hardly be overstated. They support the environment in various ways and without them; life on earth would be impossible. For instance, think of the increasing global temperatures. It is simply a result of destruction and cutting down of trees because trees act as carbon sinks. Trees also continue the water cycle, control soil erosion, and have significant economic value.

Since the beginning of evolution, trees have been a symbol of wisdom, fertility, life, and culture across the world. Accordingly, planting trees is a necessity so as to safeguard and improve our environment. Here is a list of 21+ astounding reasons why you should plant a tree today.

1. Trees clean the air. Trees improve air quality by absorbing toxic chemicals from the atmosphere. Pollutant gases and odors such as ammonia, ozone, nitrogen oxides and sulfur dioxide are all absorbed by the leaves of trees. Trees also filter particulates from the air, thus making it clean and free of toxic materials.

2. Trees mask things. Trees can block parking lots, unsightly views or concrete walls. They also act as sound absorbers from close by highways and streets, and create an excellent aesthetic and eye-soothing green canopy. Wind and dust are also absorbed by trees and they equally reduce glare.

3. Trees influence land fertility. Without trees, fertile lands can become infertile or even deserts in the long-term. In other words, trees help to keep the soil particles together and prevent soil erosion as well as flooding. Over time, it boots the quality of the soil which not only maintains soil fertility but also replenishes it by anchoring the soil in place. The loss of arable land and the decline in soil fertility is because of topsoil erosion which can be addressed if trees are planted today.

4. Trees help prevent soil erosion. Trees offer a magnificent land cover and reduce the speed of storm water runoff. At the same time, it absorbs excess water and stores it for future use. Trees can thus help in preventing soil erosion because it lessens the speed of water flow from the hills and mountains into streams and rivers. Therefore, planting a tree today will result in decreased vulnerabilities to soil erosion.

5. Trees create economic opportunities. Fruits can be harvested on community orchards and sold, a direct source of income. Vocational trainings for youths showing interests in green opportunities are as well an impressive method of deriving economic opportunities from planting trees. Likewise, landscaping and green waste management can offer good opportunities when urban areas realize the importance of planting trees.

6. Tree planting activity encourages diverse groups to come together. Tree planting activities have always provided an opportunity for diverse groups in the community to share events and improve the quality of the surrounding environment. During such occasions, all ages, genders and cultures usually play a vital role to plant a tree thereby rewarding the environment.

7. Trees are needed for breathing. Without the trees, we cannot breath! Through the photosynthesis process, trees take up carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and give out oxygen which supports our breathing. All living creatures need oxygen to survive and because the trees play an impressive role of availing oxygen, it is imperative to plant a tree today for a sustainable future.

8. You’ll conserve energy. The strategic planting of trees around the home is an in-expensive way of cutting back on your heating and cooling needs. It can aid you to save up to 50 percent on energy costs. Leafy, deciduous trees are particularly recommended and if they are planted around the house then it cushions the building from the blazing heat of solar in summer. Evergreen trees planted upwind can protect the house from extremely cold winter winds.

9. Trees heal. Studies show that patients with view of trees or those who love to enjoy the nature of trees heal faster and with few complications. For instance, when children with ADHD have access to nature, they heal faster as exposure to trees reduces mental fatigue and improves concentration. Trees are also essential medicine sources and instead of just planting any tree, you can plant medicinal ones such as Cedar, Birch, and Beech among others.

10. Trees will mark all seasons. Nature has its way to define and distinguish different times of the year, which is usually visible from trees. If you plant a tree today, you’ll easily know if its summer, spring, fall, or winter; just look at the trees!

11. Trees protect biodiversity. About 80% of all species of plants and animals survival depend on Trees. An increasing number of animal and plant species are disappearing from the face of the earth, and quite a number are at the verge of extinction. The oak and sycamore, for example, provide an excellent urban habitat for squirrels, bees, birds, and possums. In order to protect the planet’s biodiversity, we need to plant a tree today.

12. Trees shield children from ultra-violet rays. There is a growing concern of skin cancer as it continues to be the most common cancer in some places, for instance, the United States. Planting a tree today, especially on playgrounds and areas such as parks where children spend most time, will thus mean that you are reducing children’s exposure to cancer causing ultra-violet rays by about 50%.

13. Trees aid in preventing water pollution. Trees lessen storm water runoff by breaking rainfall which allows water to be absorbed into the earth. As such, it prevents storm water from ferrying pollutants and toxic chemicals into water bodies such as streams, rivers, lakes or oceans. Essentially, trees acts like sponges that filter the storm water naturally while at the same time using it to recharge groundwater supplies.


14. Trees save and produce water. Trees are an integral part of the water cycle and they also provide shade to reduce the rate of evaporation. Also, as trees transpire they boost atmospheric pressure, which is a way that trees continue the water cycle through a process known as evapo-transpiration. In simpler terms, it absorbs the water from the earth and release it into the environment as tiny droplets after which they rise and cool to from clouds and the clouds bring rain. Therefore, to save water and ensure there is enough water for our daily needs, everyone needs to plant a tree today.

15. Trees increase property value. The beauty and scenery of a well-planted property together with its adjacent streets and the surrounding environment can increase property value by up to 15%. Therefore, planting a tree in your home today gives you an opportunity to increase the value of your property.

16. Trees are climate regulators. Trees are otherwise termed as the world’s natural fans. They fan our environment and surrounding will cool breeze that help to regulate global temperatures. They also act as insulators by absorbing and reflecting away some of the sun’s heat thereby reducing the heat and scorching effect of solar radiation. Planting a tree today is therefore essential towards ensuring we have sustainable environmental temperatures.

17. Planting a tree today is an integral part of addressing global warming. The action against global warming and climate change is the responsibility of each and every citizen. In a bid to work together in addressing this agenda, we need to at least plant a tree today across various parts of the world. In the long-term, we will be able to reduce the occurrence of destructive weather elements in the forms droughts and floods.

18. Flood protection. Trees are important land covers and reduce the speed of storm water runoff. Trees can thus help in reducing the risks of flooding because it lessens the speed of water flow from the hills and mountains into streams and rivers. It also helps the earth to absorb the water and release it steadily or store it for future use.

19. Trees heighten business traffic. Trees increase business traffic at places such as shopping malls and entertainment areas. If operating a mall or an open place for entertainment, you can plant trees in the area to boost business traffic.

20. Trees provide basis for unity, civic identity, and irreplaceable cultural heritages. Trees hold the most inspiring cultures around the world. Particularly, trees host a wide range of unique cultural groups within an area such as landmarks that can provide a particular area with a fresh identity and civic pride. It also shows a symbol of unity when planted during communal events.

21. Trees have countless economic value. Trees are associated with countless economic functions. From the provision of food products, essential oils, rubber, herbs, medicines, wildlife, to important social goods, the list is endless. These functions can only remain sustainable if you plant a tree today.

22. Trees will make you feel good and relaxed. With the soothing view of trees, it makes people feel good and it even encourages productivity. Trees also help one to feel relaxed, motivated, and reduce stress. It’s therefore imperative to plant a tree today to enjoy all these benefits.

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