Are Wood Pallets Recyclable? (And Are They Good For Firewood?)

Wood pallets were not nearly as common back then as they are now. A few years ago, if someone had asked you what they were, we bet you wouldn’t know. However, they are now gaining the recognition they deserve, as they should!

For one, they are very versatile; they are used in virtually every industry. Wood pallets also happen to have a lot of uses in the home too. They are, however, most commonly known for serving as a support for goods that are being transported.

If you have some goods delivered to you, especially extremely large ones, you may be looking at a few wooden pallets you may have to dispose of. Now, the big question is, how do you dispose of them? You certainly can’t throw them in the trash because they’re too big.

This post will provide multiple and exciting ways for you to dispose of wood pallets you don’t need anymore. Of course, recycling is always our priority; however, we will also provide other options for you to choose from. Enjoy!

Can You Recycle Wood Pallets?

Wood pallets can and should be recycled! They are made from wood, and wood is a natural and renewable resource. Additionally, it is a highly biodegradable material. Recycling wood pallets should be your go-to option when you need to dispose of them.

However, the average recycling center does not accept wood pallets as one of their recyclable items. So you may need to find other options, and we have got you covered.

To recycle your pallets, you would have to locate a pallet recycling company. Pallet recycling companies are always thrilled to take your unwanted pallets off your hands. They may even pay you for it!

Here’s how it works. First, you have to find the closest pallet recycling company using a recycling locator, and you can find this on the internet. Next, you would have to contact them, and you can do this through their website or by sending them an email.

If your wood pallets are very large or many, you may request that they come to pick them up. You may also be inclined to take it to them yourself. Pallet recycling companies recycle these pallets by cleaning them, reusing them, or dismantling the wood and using the pieces to make other valuable products.

The next time you receive a huge shipment that comes with some pallets, don’t fret. We believe you now have enough information to dispose of them properly and without stress. The best part is you would make a few bucks off this particular method.

Are Wooden Pallets Safe to Burn?

Absolutely! If you have a fireplace, you can dispose of your wooden pallets there. It would be a pretty cozy method too. All you have to do is dismantle the pallet, and if possible, break them into smaller pieces and toss them in the fireplace when your fire is burning out.

If you also happen to have an incinerator in your community, you can also move your dismantled pallet pieces there to burn them. However, before you burn your wooden pallets, there are some things you have to look out for. We will provide those things shortly. So please, relax even more and read on!

Burning wood in a well-controlled environment is in no way harmful to the environment. When you are burning wood, you only have to worry about causing a wildfire if the fire gets out of hand, so please, ensure you carry this out in a controlled environment.

You may need a handy fire extinguisher, some soapy water, and a bucket of sand. Anything you need to control a fire should be at your disposal. After all, we can never be too careful or prepared.

Now, when you want to burn your wooden pallets, you would have to look out for a few things. One of them is what the pallets were used for. If they have ever been used to transport chemicals or have been exposed to chemicals at any point, you do not want to get rid of them by burning them.

Some pallets are also treated with a pesticide known as methyl bromide. Methyl bromide is very harmful to us and our environment. So you may be wondering why manufacturers then used them to treat items that we come in contact with.

For one, wood is quite prone to insect infestation. To make the pallets last longer and have multiple uses, manufacturers treated them with methyl bromide. However, there are now policies in place that prohibit using methyl bromide for preventing insect infestations.

If your wood pallets come labeled with the initials “MB,” then burning them is a big no-no. You may even have to move it as far away from your home as soon as possible for your safety.

Are Wood Pallets Worth Money?

Have you just received a large shipment of goods with a ton of pallets? It could also be that you run a business that requires you to ship goods with wooden pallets as a means of support. Now, what do you do with pallets you don’t need anymore?

We bet you didn’t know you could sell them. Wood pallets are worth a substantial amount of money. You could make as much as $4.00 from one single pallet. Pallets will always be in demand, so you don’t have to worry about not having a market for them.

Now, the amount of money you make from your unwanted wood pallets depends on the condition they’re in when you plan to sell them. If they are in good condition, of course, they will sell at a higher price. However, old or overused pallets would be a lot cheaper.

Are Wood Pallets Good For Firewood?

Wood pallets may be or may not be suitable for firewood. But, of course, they are made from wood, so why can’t you burn all types of wood pallets? Here’s why.

Well, for one, you don’t know if they have come in contact with chemicals while they were in use. Wood pallets are typically used as a support for goods that are being shipped, so chemicals may have been in contact with them, and if you burn wood pallets that have been, you may be putting yourself in danger of having to deal with a wildfire.

Another reason is that they may have been treated with a strong and dangerous pesticide known as methyl bromide. The government’s current policy bans manufacturers from using this chemical to fumigate wood pallets; however, you never know just how old your wood pallets are.If you want to burn your wood pallets, please look out for a stamp with the initials “MB” and refrain from burning wood that has it.

Asides from these reasons, nothing is stopping you from using your wood pallets for firewood. If you go camping in a state that doesn’t prohibit bringing your firewood, then, by all means, have fun setting up your campfire using non-toxic wood pallets. But ensure that you inspect them adequately.

5 Creative Uses of Old Wooden Pallets

Recycling always remains a great option when you want to get rid of items you don’t need anymore. However, there are also many ways you can dispose of them while they remain useful to you. The best part is these great ideas we have for you are very environmentally friendly and fun to implement. Dive in!

1. Donate Them

A super-efficient way to dispose of your unwanted old pallets is to donate them. It never hurts to give out something you don’t need anymore. It’s an added benefit that you would end up feeling good about yourself.

Wood pallets that are free from chemicals can be used for various things, and one of them is furniture. So if you know anyone that could use some extra furniture, don’t hesitate to reach out to them to come to pick up the wooden pallets or drive down to deliver it to them.

You could also choose to give them to people who love camping and would not mind some extra firewood. If you have friends with a fireplace in their homes, they would also find your unwanted pallets handy.

2. Firewood

What’s camping without a campfire? This tip is for you if you enjoy camping. You can use your wood pallets to set up a nice and cozy campfire. First, however, you have to pay attention to our tips on the safest wood pallets to use.

Your safety has to be your priority, and you don’t want anything exploding in your face. And, on the other hand, you also do not want to inhale toxic chemicals like methyl bromide or any other chemical that may have seeped into the pallets at one point or the other.

3. Rustic Tables

We bet you have been waiting for us to delve into the artsy uses for your old wood pallets, right? Well, here goes.

You can use your old wood pallets as a makeshift and aesthetically appealing rustic table. However, you may need the help of a carpenter or anyone handy with tools if you aren’t. You would also need some furniture polish or paint to finish up the work.

4. Bed Frames and Stands

Did you know that you could pile up several wood pallets and make them into a cool bed stand? The best part is, they are so similar to the bed stands we buy from stores, so no one’s going to know!

You may choose to be a bit more creative by adding some color to the pallets, or you could finish up the work with some furniture polish to make it glow. Please note that if you decide to go for this fantastic tip, you have to either inspect the wood pallets yourself or get professionals to come and do it for you.

5. Porch Swings

Have you always wanted a cool porch swing? Well, here’s the perfect one for you, and it’s completely free of charge. You can find a reasonably large wood pallet that may sit two or three.

If you aren’t handy with tools, you may want to ask someone to assist you. You would also need some ropes to attach the wood pallet to your ceiling. Please ensure that the ropes are strong enough to handle your weight. We don’t want you getting injured.


In this blog post, we have given you several ways to dispose of your unwanted wooden pallets. Of course, our priority has been and would always be to recycle them. However, there are also several super creative ways for you to dispose of them without harming your environment.

We hope that you use one, or all, of them. However, please bear in mind that you have to ensure that the wood pallets are entirely free of chemicals for your safety if you decide to repurpose them.


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