Are Garden Hoses Recyclable? (And 11 Uses For Old Garden Hose)

Having a garden is beautiful, and it is one of the things many people continually yearn for. However, the big issue is not even about having or wishing to have a garden. It is about maintaining the garden and keeping it green at all times. Doing this requires a lot of time and effort, part of which is ensuring that the garden plants are watered regularly.

Ordinarily, this should not pose a problem, but such is not the case because the garden water is always stationed at a place. And since you would need the water to get to every corner of the garden, you would need a garden hose to do this.

For years, the garden hose has always helped to evenly transport and distribute water to required places in a garden, but is this all about the garden hose? Does anyone need to bother about the direct or indirect impacts they might have on the environment? Maybe this is just the right time to consider some of those questions involving garden hose and the environment.

In this light, this post will be considering whether you can recycle your garden hose and if it would be proper to put your garden hose in the recycling bin. Also, we will consider how long your garden hose can last, and lastly, the different creative things you can do with your garden hose.

As usual, this post is filled with a lot of information that you can’t miss out on. So, we would advise that you get a calm and relaxing area and follow us through till the end.

Can You Recycle The Garden Hose?

Recycling the different things that we use is like second nature to many of us. Therefore, it comes as no surprise when we saw the torrents of question on whether you can recycle your garden hose. Well, like always, you can trust us to give you the right answer to the question.

No, you cannot recycle your garden hose. This may not sound like the answer you are looking forward to, but it is the reality. But then, beyond just knowing that you cannot recycle your garden hose, you need to know what the reasons are.

You cannot recycle your garden hose partly because of the materials used in making them and partly because of the difficulties in recycling them.

Though garden hoses are largely plastic or rubber materials, some other components are added in the production process of the garden hose to make it durable. These added materials often make the recycling of the garden hose impossible.

Even if it were possible to recycle them, there is yet another problem caused during recycling. Due to the garden hose’s nature, it often falls into the machine during the recycling process. When this happens, it can clog the engine and shut down the recycling machine. This would create more problems for the recycling company.

So, to avoid this kind of situation, recycling stations have always deemed it fit to exclude garden hoses from their recyclable materials.

Can Garden Hose Go In Recycle Bin?

Following the answer in the previous segment, the question of whether a garden hose can go into the recycling bin should not be difficult. Like you might have guessed, the answer is No.

The reason for this is the same as that advanced for why garden hose cannot be recycled. If you put your garden hose in the recycling bin, you would be creating more work for the recycling station, as the recyclers would have to spend considerable time sorting the garden hose from the rest of the recyclable materials.

Putting your garden hose in the recycling bin is like wasting your time; it won’t get recycled. Rather, you should consider repurposing it. If you don’t know how to go about this, don’t worry, we have a segment below explaining how to reuse your garden hose creatively.

How Long Does A Garden Hose Last?

Like every other thing you have come across, nothing lasts forever. For garden hose, the story is not different; it also has its durability limit.

On average, a garden hose lasts between 5 and 10 years. If you come across a garden hose promised to last longer than ten years, it is probably because it was specially made. But, the majority of the garden hose you would come across will not exceed ten years.

Nonetheless, the ten-year durability of the garden hose would only be possible if you properly manage it. If you subject the hose to harsh conditions, it might not even last up to three years. So, it seems that there is an obligation to ensure you care for your garden hose to live up to its durability years.

11 Creative Uses For An Old Garden Hose

In today’s world, there are many ways to be creative with different things that we have. What is required is the time to devote and the willingness to tap into our creativity. With these two in place, we would be surprised that there’s a lot our creativity can achieve even with old things.

For an old garden hose, the story is not different. You can creatively repurpose it into different things. We know coming up with these creative things may be challenging, but not too worry, we have got you covered. In this segment, we have provided you with eleven different ways to use your old garden hose creatively. Sit back and enjoy.

1. Make A Lounge Chair

Yes, we are starting with the hard stuff, and this is because we know you can handle it. One of the creative things you can do with your garden hose is to make a lounge chair. The way to do it is quite difficult, but not impossible. You will need woods constructed in the shape of a chair but without the foam or sofa.

After this, you will need to drill holes on both arms of the chair where the hose can pass through. Here, you will pass the garden hose through the drilled holes like you are lacing your shoes and then firmly tie them behind. You will do the same until you cover all the necessary areas of the chair. This way, you have just got yourself a new lounge chair.

Note, however, that you can only use rubber garden holes for this lounge chair.

2. Make A Garden Mat

Like your lounge chair, you would also need a rubber garden hose for this. This would not pose any difficulties to you if you already know how to knit things. If you don’t know how to knit, well, you can learn that now. The only difference between knitting your clothes and what you are about to do is using a garden hose instead of the usual thread. Once you know how to handle this, you are good to go.

3. Make A Wreath

If your garden hoses are still in good shape, you can use them to make a wreath to beautify your home and welcome the new season. This does not require many creative skills. All you have to do is fold the holes in circles and attach them to your door. After this, add your flowers, and that’s all. You have made yourself a new wreath to welcome the season. You can get more creative and decide to paint the garden holes.

4. Make A Foot Mat

You can make yourself a foot mat from your garden hoses. This would only require your knitting skills. Once you have this on set, you can cut the hoses in different lengths depending on the shape you want the foot mat to take. After cutting in the appropriate shape, you can begin to knit until you have a beautifully looking foot mat.

5. Make A Flower Pot

This is one of the easiest things you can make with a garden hose. Before you do this, you will need a flower pot, some threads for tying and knitting, and, of course, your garden hose. The first step is wrapping the hose around the flower pots to form the same shape as the flower pot.

After this, you would need your thread to hold the garden hose together. This is the hardest part because you would need great coordination to hold the garden hose in place. After this, you can gently remove your flower pot, and there you have it.

6. Make Stepping Stones

If your garden is always wet and you don’t always want to get your shoes stained, you can make your garden holes into different stones and place them on the way. All you need to do is wrap your garden holes in circles and hold them firmly with a thread.

7. Make A Grip Handle For Your Bucket

You don’t have to throw away that garden bucket because you have lost the grip handle. With your garden hose, you can make a new one. What you have to do is drill a hole at each side of the bucket. After this, pass your garden hose through each hole and tie it firmly. This way, you have a new grip handle for your bucket.

8. Make A Blade Protector

If you deal with blades a lot, you might need a protector to guide you against the risk of accidentally cutting yourself or your loved ones. Instead of buying a blade protector, you can use your garden hose as a protector and save some money.

You need to cut the hose to the same length as the blade, then slightly cut a side of the hose. This way, you would be able to tuck the sharp part of the blade into the hose and protect it.

9. Make Them Into Toys

You can always make toys out of your garden hose for your kids and pets. All you have to do is gently cut the garden hose into reasonable shapes such that it is not capable of causing any choking hazards. Once you are done cutting into the appropriate shapes, you should wash them and let your kids or pets play with them.

10. Use As Funnel Extension

If you have a funnel that you are not satisfied with or you need to use the funnel to pass some liquid through a tiny opening, but you don’t seem to be getting it done, you can use your old garden hose.

What you have to do is cut the garden hose in the shape that you want it, pass it through the opening you want, and then put your funnel in the other end of the garden hose. Make sure that the funnel properly fits into the end of the garden hose to avoid wastage.

11. Make A Scarecrow

If you have a farm, you can always make a scarecrow out of your old garden hose. Since garden hose can be adjusted to form a snake shape, you can do this on your farm to scare away birds and other rodents. This will help you to keep your plants and flowers growing.


Garden hoses have helped a lot in nourishing your garden plants. But then, when it gets to the point that they are no longer useful, you have to dispose of them or repurpose them. As you have seen above, there are many ways to do this. The ball is now in your court; act the right way.


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