Al Gore and His Strong Views on Global Warming

One of the most interesting people that have been involved in the environmental movement is Al Gore. Who is he, and what role has he played when it comes to the world of global warming and the concerns that are related to it? In this article, we’re going to explore who Al Gore is, what difference he has made when it comes to global warming, and why so many people have looked to him when it comes to the way that global warming is dealt with and explored.

Today we’re dumping 70 million tons of global-warming pollution into the environment, and tomorrow we will dump more, and there is no effective worldwide response. Until we start sharply reducing global-warming pollution, I will feel that I have failed.
– Al Gore

Who is Al Gore?

Many people have heard of Al Gore, but they aren’t really sure what he’s about or what sorts of things that he does on a regular basis. In this part of this article, we’re going to give you a better idea as to who Al Gore actually is.

  • Al Gore acted as the Vice President of the United States under President Bill Clinton from January 20, 1993, to January 20, 2001.
  • He was born on March 31st, 1948, which makes him 67 years old at the time that this article was written (2015). He was actually born in Washington D.C.
  • Al Gore ran for President of the United States against George W. Bush in 2000, and he ended up losing due to issues that occurred with the voting system and other problems that happened in Florida. He actually won the popular vote, but because of the way that the electoral college is set up, he didn’t win that vote and therefore lost the election entirely. It took a Supreme Court decision (5-4) to actually declare GW Bush the winner of that election.
  • Al Gore is one of the most prominent voices when it comes to climate change and environmental activism, and because of that, he ended up earning a Nobel Peace Prize in 2007.
  • Al Gore was actually in government for over 2 decades. He was a Congressman, a Senator, and then the Vice President. After losing the 2000 election, he left politics and went into the world of environmentalism.
  • He was with his wife, Tipper (Mary Elizabeth Gore, nee Aitcheson) for 40 years before they decided to separate during 2010. At the time of this writing, they are still not officially divorced.
  • He attended high school at the all-boys St. Albans School.
  • He applied to Harvard, which was his only choice for a school, and got accepted to go in 1965. He finished his degree in 1969.
  • Al Gore was actually in the military and served in Vietnam for a few months in 1971. He actually enlisted instead of being drafted because he felt it would help his father’s re-election and because he didn’t want someone else to have to go in his place.
  • Gore actually helped to start and launch the Generation Investment Management and The Alliance for Climate Protection; both of these he has served on the boards for and continues to be incredibly active with today.
  • In 2013, Gore actually decided that he would become a vegan in order to ensure that he wasn’t further contributing to climate change and the other problems around it.
  • He has been a professor at a number of Universities, including Fisk University, the University of California, Columbia University, and Middle Tennessee State University. He has taught classes in both journalism and politics, which are both topics which are incredibly close to Gore’s heart.

What Are Al Gore’s Views on Global Warming?

Since Al Gore is a huge proponent for taking on global warming headfirst, you likely want to know what his views are when it comes to global warming in the first place, right? In this section, we’re going to explore what Al Gore’s views are on Global Warming so that you can have a better idea as to what he has been doing and what he has done in the past related to climate change and the very real dangers that are associated with it and how it affects the entire world that we currently live in.

  • Al Gore is considered to be someone that considers global warming and environmentalism to be at the core of how Democrats are going to win elections and move forward in the future.
  • Gore believed that the Kyoto Protocol, which is an international treaty that was made to extend the 1992 Climate Change Convention that the UN had, was an important part of making global warming a big topic. It is still in effect today and almost 200 parties that are connected to it throughout the entire world. He played a big role in passing it.
  • Gore believes that, above everything else, climate change is something that is man-made and because of that, man can play a significant role in order to make sure that it can be eliminated in the future.
  • Gore believes that global warming is real, which is something that many people on the Right (GOP) try to deny even though that there is a lot of scientific evidence behind it and there are studies out there.
  • One of his most important works related to global warming was ‘An Inconvenient Truth’. Gore has made a name for himself sounding the alarm on man-made global warming. This was a scientifically based piece of film that focused on global warming and the problems that it causes. It goes in detail about it and cites hundreds of studies from all over the world.
  • The film aims to call attention to the dangers society faces from climate change, and suggests urgent actions that need to be taken immediately.
  • In the film, Gore, who is the chairman and founder of the Climate Reality Project, warned that the Pacific Islands were drowning from global warming and polar bears were dying as Arctic sea ice melted off.
  • The majority of the film, covering issues like Himalayan Glaciers, Greenland and Antarctica losing ice, the severity of hurricanes and other weather phenomena, was accurate and represented the science as it stood.
  • The reason that Gore has pushed so hard on the ideal because he knows that there are a lot of people out there that don’t believe that it’s a real problem and that will do all that they can to try and ignore it and put it under the rug. He believes that if he keeps pushing the issue and moving it forward, it can be dealt with in a healthy way that doesn’t need to be intrusive and we can save our world.
  • Gore, an active environmental activist, spoke about the climate crisis at the South by Southwest (SXSW) festival in Austin, Texas, said that many forward-thinking investors are moving away from companies that invest in fossil fuels and towards companies investing in renewable energy.
  • The former U.S. vice president focused on the need to “punish climate-change deniers, saying politicians should pay a price for rejecting ‘accepted science’.
  • That being said, Gore believes that not only is climate change man-made, but it’s incredibly dangerous and potentially catastrophic. In short, according to Gore, if we don’t take care of our world and try to reverse the problems we’ve already caused, we could end up making things that much worse and we could end up destroying the only world that we have to live in.
  • Gore believes in a contentious theory that scientists still argue that hurricanes have increased in frequency and impact because of global warming. While some scientists do agree, there certainly is not a consensus so it is hard to figure out what the true answer is in this regard.
  • Gore believes that it’s important to educate the public and present public policy that is going to be able to help people better understand what is going on. On top of this, he also believes that everyone can play a role in helping to prevent this from becoming an even larger problem in the future, and many people have jumped on that bandwagon in order to make sure that they can help the world in their own little way.

So, as you can see, Al Gore has been an instrumental figure in the world of environmental concerns and research. Because of that, there has been a lot of focus in the world, especially when it comes to global warming. Since this is a huge deal and there are a lot of topics that need to be explored in the scientific community, it’s good that we’ve had an example like Al Gore to come and take care of whatever it is that needs to be noticed in the global community.

What do you think about his views and the way that he has gone about the process of exploring and exposing the issues related to global warming? Let us know what you feel may be important when it comes to looking at this topic in more detail.

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