12 Best Air Purifiers of 2020 To Get Fresh Air For Your Home

Air pollution is a serious problem in the world and in the US as well. There are various dangers that are posed by this menace. Some of them include respiratory diseases and acidic rains that lead to environmental destruction by impacting water, land and much more.

This necessitates a remedy in the form of air purification. There are many air purifiers and it all depends on what the consumer deems to be desirable to use. Below are the best air purifiers that can be easily acquired and used by those who need fresh air for their homes.

  1. The Alen Breathe Smart-Customizable Air Purifier with HEPA

The Alen Breathe Smart is an air purifier that has various features making it suitable or most contemporary users. The primary role of this air purifier is that it works best in eliminating allergies through the removal of allergens and dust particles within a span of only a couple of hours.

It uses the High- Efficiency Particulate Arresting which is an air purification method. HEPA is a very effective air purification method. Alen Breathe comes in various sizes in the US. They can be purchased as fresh plus One-Pack, Pure Two-Pack, and Pure Three-Pack and so on. With its peaceful operations, the air purifier works perfectly in living rooms and even in open places to the benefit of the users.

  1. The Airocide

The Airicode APS-200 is another air purifier that is commonly used in the US. It is mostly known to be used by NASA. This purifier eliminates various air impurities such as viruses, bacteria, mold, fungi, various household odors, and many other impurities. Like the Alen Breathe Smart, Airicode functions well in ensuring that allergens are totally removed in the environment.

The technology that is used to run this air purifier was developed by NASA. The most interesting part that makes this purifier to be worthy to the buyers and the government is that it is environmentally friendly. Airicode emits no ozone emissions and therefore it has no impact on the climate.

  1. Whirl Pool Whispure

In most cases, this air purifier is often referred to as the HEPA Air Cleaner or the AP51030K. It has various advantages over the others but also to some extent; there are its downsides.  As an example, this air purifier can purify the air at a rate of 5 times in a 500 square feet meter.

Another significant or notable advantage is that it is quiet and employs the use of electronic filtration. It also uses the contemporary air purification technique where HEPA is used. It is cheaper than the other devices but its functions have various advantages. Whirl Pool Whispure contains 4 fans that perhaps enhance its functions.

  1. The Honey Well-50250-S

The Honey Well air purifier is viewed to be the ultimate or most authentic HEPA purifier. However, its penetration in a room is slightly lower than what is done by the Airicode. It functions in a 390 square feet. But due to the efficacy that comes with its functions; the doctors always recommend that people use the True HEPA purifiers which is the Honey Well.

What is unique about it is that its span may also be increased for a period of up to 5 years. It contains the glass fiber which functions in trapping the maximum amount of dust particles. It has the carbon pre-filters which remove dust particles, the household odors, and many other air impurities.

  1. IQAir Health Pro

This is one of the best air purifiers around. It is arguably the best air purifier in the world.  It is able to purify or filtrate ultrafine particles up to the size of .003microns. This has made to be recommendable to doctors. They recommend that patients who are suffering from various forms of allergies and asthma can use this machine to ensure that they stay in a cleaner and secure environment.

As opposed to the others that only use HEPA technology; this air purifier uses the HyperHEPA filtration technique which is more than 100% effective. Another advantage is that it is efficient when it comes to energy consumption. In this context, the IQAir Health Pro uses less power than ordinary light bulbs.

  1. The Alen A375UV

The Alen A375UV is another air purifier that is reliable and has gathered quite a huge and impressive reputation. It is a HEPA one-Pack air purifier and it functions pretty well for those seeking to have an affordable yet effective air purifier. The advantage that this purifier enjoys is that it has Smart Sensor Technology.

With this technology, the airborne types of pollutants can be easily detected and neutralized. It may also be used in health purposes. This is because it is able to trap the allergens such as pollen, the mold spores, dust, and many other impurities. It can, therefore, help those who are asthmatic. It covers up to 650 square feet.

  1. Blueair 503

This is commonly referred to as the Blueair Hepa Silent Air Cleaning or Purification System. It is arguably one of the best air purifiers currently found in the US. The selling point and the probable advantage that this device has is that it can keep track of the changes within the filter through the use of the filter timer.

It has the CADR which pertinent in purifying the smoke, dust, pollen and many other impurities through the help of 5 air changes. There is the HEPASilent technology which can filter up to the tiniest particles in the Clean Air Delivery.  It tailored made for rooms that are sized up to 580 square feet.

  1. The Winix Plasma Wave

Another reliable air purifier is the Winix Plasma Wave5300.  This is tailor-made for the living rooms and any other enclosed rooms. It is because it has the three-stage air cleaning chamber that ensures that the pollutants such as bad indoor smells, dust, and other allergens are removed from the rooms.

Another good aspect of it is that it is environmentally friendly.  It emits no ozone injurious products and therefore; its use would not evoke the attention and concerns of the environmentalists. It is designed to serve in large spacious rooms, and in this case; it can serve up to 350 square feet. The consumption of energy is minimal

  1. Holmes HAP756

Holmes HAP756 is another perfect and reliable air purifier that can be used by consumers in the US. It is HEPA cleaner and this connotes that it employs the current technology in air cleaning. Another significant aspect of it that makes it better is that it eliminates odors. This makes it ideal for use in open spaces as well as enclosed rooms.

It has the Digital Display which makes it effective for use in open and large spaces. Apart from the air filtration, the device is useful in handling smoke. It serves up to 340 square feet.

  1. Germ Guardian AC4825

This purifier has the three-stage filtering capability. These sections include the pre-filter, True HEPA filter and the air filtration chamber which uses the UVC light. All these three chambers ensure that the device can clean the odors, the mold spores, dust particles, pollens, and it can also destroy the diseases causing pathogens.

In other words, it suits the health care purpose as it eliminates dangers to health. Its penetration is good as it covers the large rooms and can even extend to 155 square feet. Its maintenance is cheaper and the power consumption is moderate. Any person can use it without any problem.

  1. Green TechGT50

The list cannot end without having a look at the Green Tech. This is a purifier that uses filterless technology. The producer of this device has the record of making products with the ability to give fresh air and so there is no need to replace the filters. There is the ionizer which destroys pollutants as well as the disease-causing pathogens.

It eliminates E-Coli, Candida, Staph and even Listeria. This makes it ideal for various health purposes. The Green Tech is easier to understand and operate and its power consumption is low. Hence, it is affordable.

  1. The Honeywell HFD31

Sometimes, this air purifier is described as the ‘Air Genius’. It has certain advantages that make it quite distinct from the others. It is washable and has the filters which are clean, quiet and very effective in trapping dust particles and other pollutants. With the circulation that goes 5 times per hour; its cleaning capability is highly rated.

It has the touch screen or sensitive control panel and it is user-friendly. Its primary function is to neutralize the air pollutants and odors. Nonetheless, it is not as effective as the others when it comes to the uses in health purposes.

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