Benefits of Geothermal Heat Pump Systems

Even the places which don’t have geothermal resources nearby can still be provided by air conditioning and space heating. Like other systems, geothermal systems have heating pipes which drive heat forcefully or transfer heat from ground to the system. The heat can be extracted from any source no matter at what temperature it is at. But high temperature or warmer source enables great extraction of heat. More energy is required for air conditioners to extract heat from the air as compared to the geothermal systems.

The geothermal heating pipes are like usual heating pipes which provide heating, air conditioning and sometimes even hot steam water. The difference is that they extract heat from the ground instead of air which consumes less energy. As they deprive energy from the natural resources, so these systems are the most efficient and comfortable plus they are eco-friendly.

Statistics of Geothermal Heat Pump Systems

These ground based systems have efficiency 400 times more than that of air conditioners and 200 times more of the heating furnace. They require one kilowatt per hour power to generate 12,000 BTU while the other customary systems require 2.3 kilowatts per hour to generate the equal quantity of energy.

Advantages of Geothermal Heat Pump System

The EPA of United States suggests these systems as they are the for the most part eco-friendly, energy saving and money saving machines. There are many reasons because of which they should be employed:

1. Their installation is although very expensive but they ultimately have low effective costs than ordinary systems.

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2. The price of geothermal heat pumps ranges 2500 dollars at the rate of per ton, so that three ton average $7500 would be spent on installation as compared to $4000 of traditional air conditioners. However, these systems can save energy on a yearly basis from 40 to 70 percent which means that on the yearly average bill of $1550 you would be saving $400 to $1000. And this change is observed in the early 4 to 8 years.

3. They are more durable as compared to traditional air conditioning systems which remain efficient for almost 8 years duration but the geothermal systems remain effective for about 50 years. They also require no maintenance or negligible maintenance. Although their guarantees are usually for 25 to 50 years but they can last even as long as 100 years as by scientists’ research.

4. There is no combustion in these systems and they trim down the discharge of conservatory gasses which make them environment-friendly. They reduce the emission of gasses by an amount reduced by 750 trees.

5. They are not noisy which make them very comfortable to plant near homes.

6. Since these systems are all underground and the pipes are also buried inside so they don’t cause aesthetic degradation of exterior of homes.

7. They have uses in cooling or heating water by the use of de-supers heaters.

8. They can also be used to heat floors or can also be used for sunny floor covering.

9. They employ ductworks to maintain humidity and maintain comfortable temperatures all around the year.

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All these benefits prove the importance of these systems so get them implanted and get yourself assisted monetarily and save the world from pollution and depletion of natural resources.

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